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Danny asked in Science & MathematicsChemistry · 8 years ago

how do i find an answer when no one can help me?

The chemistry books are so vauge, it is ridiculous. They constantly feed me information and want me to use intuition rather than step-by-step logic to find an answer. I hate it. I hate just making guesses. I look at the examples and they tell me the answer without a precise and accurate explaination of why it just had to be that answer. Just a bunch of generalzations. The explainations are full of "if it looks like this, then it is most likely this". No! Bad! I want exact answers and explainations damnit!

Like, right now I am looking at types of solids. There is no precise and accurate way to tell the difference between a molecular solid and a covalent network solid. This is how the book how it arrived at the answer that silicon is a covalent network solid:

"A compound of two nonmetals is likely to be molecular, although in some cases network bonding occurs (involving Groups IIIA and IVA elements especially, such as BN, SiO2, SiC with strong single bonds)." "Silicon atoms might be expected to form covalent bonds to other silicon atoms, as carbon does in diamond. A covalent network solid would result."

The most important question I want answered is "how do I find answers when there is no one around to help?"

Its basic right now but as I go on, there will be less and less people with knowledge of what I am learning. So what am I suppose to do? Reread every chapter 3 times very carefully? Are there any other strategies that I can use when I'm helpless and can only use myself?

3 Answers

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