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Good picture day outfit?

Okay so I'm having trouble putting together an outfit here I have a lace cardigan that cuffs a little above the wrist, bootcut jeans from alleycat, yoga pants, a cream colored thank top with real and purple flowers, and a black tank top with white birds. (flowy tank tops not form fitted) I also have a long sleeved peach coloredloose fitted sweater. And I don't know what to do...(these are definitely not all my clothes its just ideal for what I want to wear) and all my skinny jeans are at ny friends house...and also what shoes. I have black crochet toms, black knit ugh boots, lots of flip flops. I'm not sure if I want to wear uggs because its nice out today

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    Wear your jeans, the black tank with the birds and the lace cardigan. Just wear whatever shoes feel comfy. You usually cant see your feet in pics.

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