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My dear German grandmother, whose second language was English,?

(have you ever visited the language section of YA. almost all of the questions have zero responses. anyway, knowing the many and varied visitors that frequent R&S, i'm hoping someone out there will be able to help me, although this is not a religious question--but Grandma did lead me to Jesus)...

my dear German grandmother, whose second language was English, often spoke German around us grandkids and there is a particular word that i am wondering what the meaning of is. she passed away in 1982 and my father is gone too, so i can no longer ask them. she liked to feed the neighborhood cats, and she would put out cat food on her sidewalk and then call to the cats of the neighborhood, she would say, "come, dots-sully, come." datschele? doetschele? i don't know. anyway, phonetically it sounded like dots-solee, say that real fast with accent on the dots :)... does anyone know what this word means. i looked up the German word for cat, and dots-solee wasn't thank you!

one more, since i've got your attention. she used to also say, for instance when she was upset, oy yoy yoy yoy yoy, ach two leeber (achtung lieber?). what does that mean in an upset context? i believe i tried to look it up before and what i found did not make sense in the context in which she always used it.

i have a few more, but i'm probably really boring you by now. lol. thanks for any help i can get.


thank you so much. you 'guys' are so smart! i had posted this in the language section as well, and also ended up with a couple of very good responses. someone suggested that datschele, may have been the yddish gotschele, meaning, 'my loved,' which makes perfect sense to me, although i do not know of any yddish background. i do notice when i watch 'fiddler on the roof' that the old jewish women sound like grandma similar, anyway.

thanks for your great answers. it means a lot to me to know these things.

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    Ach du lieber!

    Oh my!, Heavens!, Dear me! or God heavens!. It's a phrase used to express your shock about bad news or something similar.

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    I would translate "Ach Du lieber" with "Oh my".

    Datschele is a regionally used word for a kind aof potato pancake. I have no idea why she used it in a cat context or what similar word she might have used.

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