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How do i meet Josh Hutcherson?

I am a masive fan of Josh and i would love to meet him but i live in England! do you know when he is coming to England any time soon or how else i can meet him?

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    Actors and actresses do not go on tour as how artists and groups do so it is a bit more difficult to meet them even living in the United States. You can meet Josh Hutcherson through attending an award ceremony that he is attending or a movie premiere of his. Award ceremonies are held in Los Angeles, California while movie premiere's are held in places such as Los Angeles, California, New York, NY and London. While watching award ceremonies and movie premieres there are fans as well as paparazzi behind the celebrities getting their photo's taken on the red carpet. You do not have to purchase anything to be on the red carpet and watch celebrities however you do if you want to go inside the venue or the theater. As from looking at this photo it looks as if Josh Hutcherson as well as the rest of the cast for a film has signings after their film gets released as well. You can gain information about Josh Hutcherson and his upcoming events from following his website I hope you get to meet Josh Hutcherson someday. Good luck.

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    If you were a massive fan of Josh you would know this information.....................

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