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How do jehovah witness know that someone is disfellowshiped ?

Do they secretly take the person's photo and send it out to be very congregation?

I'm not a witness not was I ever one

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    Good question. From personal experience I can tell you that you are only announced as DFd in one hall, where ever your service card resided. But friends and FAMILY make it their personal (and sick and disgusting) mission to call everyone you ever knew and tell them the news. They are not told to do this or encouraged by the society to do this. But they do it do to how sick they are as a people. Hateful and sick. Also, the Watchtower Society keeps all records of DFing, and if you call them and can establish your identity as a baptized witness, THEY WILL TELL YOU OVER THE PHONE whether sopmeone has been DFd. So the word gets out from sheer human meanness and a false sense of justice.

    Of course this practice opens the WT up to law suits since it is character assasination. So many families, like my own, have been destroyed and reputations absolutely demolished, children alienated from parents due to this sick heartless practice.

  • Linda
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    No we dont and we dont always know if a person is disfellowshipped unless they or someone else tells us. If we are in the same congregation then yes we will know.

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    They make an announcement from the platform that so and so is no longer a Witness and thus disfellowhsipped. They do not state the reasons but most of the congregation assumes it is for some sexual sin or something like that.

    They say that they are disfellowshipped for conduct unbecoming a Christian. Questioning the Watchtower Society too much or independent research into the past of the organization or calling the Org. a False prophet can be an example of conduct unbecoming a Christian

    The Bereans would have been disfellowshipped for their in-depth questioning of Watchtower dogma Yet Christ praised them

  • andre
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    if u attend the same congregation with the person it is announced there. otherwise i can find out by word of mouth. most of the time that person will tell the Jehovah's Witness person they contact if a conversation starts.

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