Laptop that runs well with FL Studio 10?

So my laptop just broke after about 3 years and I really want a new one that runs fast with FL studio 10. I want one that's around 500-800$ . I had a Gateway Nv53 which was about 500$ it was alright with FL but with a lot of stuff open it lagged. I'm a producer and I really miss FL cause it's been broken for about 2 weeks now and I'm 14. I want dream to become a huge DJ and I just can't live without FL. So any windows 7 laptops around 500-800$ that work great with FL studio?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Just go for the one with the best specs. I have decent specs (Dual-Core @ 2.7 GHz, 4 GB RAM). Make sure you go for one with a decent monitor size for starters. This is important because if not you might not fit all of the plugin windows of FL Studio in the monitor space you have. It happened to me on my old PC and one of the windows of the plugins I used didn't fit on the screen!

    Also I'd suggest 4 GB of RAM. If you get more than around 3.25 GB of RAM then make sure that your Windows 7 is 64-bit or else some of your RAM won't be usable. A good CPU is important too. Make sure you get at least a Dual-Core with a total of around 5 GHz of clock speed.

    Lastly, your sound. You'll need a good soundcard. I'm not very knowledgeable here but I have tried three brands so far - Realtek, Beats and Creative. The only one that's worth buying for me is a Creative soundcard. The rest were just crap. And I'm a musician like you so I know when I hear crap. I've also heard good stuff about M-Audio and Yamaha.

    You'll need a good sound system too. I've got Creative speakers/subwoofer AS WELL and I can recommend them. Just don't go for Skullcandy. Jesus, that brand is so bad it's ridiculous. And I'm not saying it out of personal experience because I've never tried them. I'm saying it because I'm part of a musician's forum which has some brilliant, experienced musicians, and it's commonly known that Skullcandy is crap.

    Hope I helped!

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