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Paul Ryan want the US to be competitive with Canada?

Yet he does not mention their full time work week is 30 hours or more.

Their minimum wage is 10 per hour in Canadian currency (which is worth more than US right now).

And their tax rate on capital gains is higher.

I actually agree with Ryan's idea to look to Canada for inspiration...but I think we should include all the effective policies, not the selective policies Ryan suggests.

What are your thoughts?


The US has a lot of natural resources too, oil and natural gas.

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    Guess what? Canada has a Social Security system, too. And another guess what? On August 1, 1984, President Reagan in the U.S. and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau of Canada signed an agreement that workers whose jobs took them to both countries would only have to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes in their home country instead of in both and will build up transferrable credits depending upon where they choose to retire for either the Old Age Security program and the Canada Pension Plan or for the U.S. Social Security program and Medicare. Wonder how ol' destroy-Medicare/destroy-Social-Security Ryan would handle this Reagan-Trudeau treaty...Interestly enough, Paul Ryan (R-WI) received Social Security death benefits when he was 16 years old after his dad died, and he used those benefits (which he put into a savings account) to attend college, but now he wants to "privatize" (destroy) those benefits for everyone else. What a maroon! (Bugs Bunny quote).

    Ryan is nuts. Sorry, but to quote Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC's "The Last Word," Paul Ryan is "bat-crap crazy." As Chairman of the Budget Committee in the House, supposedly in a position to help the U.S. economic recovery that began under the Democrat-controlled 111th Congress, Ryan actually "bet against the recovery" (he was "short" on the U.S. economy), according to "The Rachel Maddow Show" in early 2012. This means Ryan has every intention of doing what he and fellow right-wing Republican Congressmen and Senators, along with propaganda-minister Frank Luntz and neurotic Newt GinGrinch, plotted on Inauguration Day in a secret meeting on Capital Hill (Robert Draper, "Do Not As What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives"): Promise to "bring Congress to a standstill even if this harms the nation" and "pledge to block all of Obama's legislations and all appointments no matter how beneficial." The bet against the economy means that if Ryan succeeds in his PLEDGE and his PROMISE, he makes a great deal of money for his SABOTAGE. And his LOVE of Russian novelist Ayn Rand, the aetheist who places "individualism" above all else (self above family, above nation) should warn us all: This guy should NOT be given any power!

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    Always good to be competitive and to learn from other countries. This is the first positive thing coming from Ryan. Hope he looks at their superior health care program as well. My brother lives up there and loves it. Not perfect, but they have found some solutions that we could learn from.

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    You and Ryan are both wrong. We in America need t stop "ooking at" other ocountries and do what is right for us. Only losers think they have to imitate others.

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    if he wants to compete how bout free

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    Isn't their paychecks taxed like crazy? No thanks.

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