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Is my bunny eating the right kind of food?

I have a 6 month old miniature Rex rabbit and he eats 1/4 cup of pellets, a little hay, and lots of plants and greens for his daily diet. I read somewhere that pet rabbits don't need to eat a lot of pellets. The rabbit lives outside in an unused garage and gets out for 10-30 minutes every day. He doesn't see too overweight right now but I worry that he will be when he becomes an adult and stops growing. Am I feeding my rabbit the right foods? and the right amount?

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    The amount of pellets is ok, and you you are right rabbits do not need a lot of pellets.. Now as far as the hay, he should be eating a lot of a hay and about 2 cups of fresh greens ( veggies ) daily..

    As far as plants some are dangerous to rabbits so watch out...

    Veggies that are safe are..


    These foods should make up about 75% of the fresh portion of your rabbit's diet (about 1 packed cup per 2 lbs of body weight per day).

    Leafy Greens I (need to be rotated due to oxalic acid content and only 1 out of three varieties of greens a day should be from this list)



    Mustard greens

    Beet greens

    Swiss chard

    Radish tops

    Leafy Greens II (low in oxalic acid)


    Carrot tops

    Cucumber leaves



    Frisee Lettuce

    Kale (all types)

    Red or green lettuce

    Romaine lettuce

    Spring greens

    Turnip greens

    Dandelion greens

    Mint (any variety)

    Basil (any variety)



    Raspberry leaves



    Bok Choy


    These should be no more then about 15 % of the diet (About 1 tablespoon per 2 lbs of body weight per day).


    Broccoli (leaves and stems)

    Edible flowers (roses, nasturtiums, pansies, hibiscus)


    Bell peppers (any color)

    Chinese pea pods (the flat kind without large peas)

    Brussel sprouts

    Cabbage (any type)


    Summer squash

    Zucchini squash

    Just a note to add, as far as pellets Do Not buy pellts that have ant dried fruit, corn, nuts, seeds or any crunchy things in it, this is a low quality pellet most rabbits will pick out the naughty food and not eat the pellets... So stay away from pellets that have this in it... Naughty foods can contribute to fatty liver disease, cecal dysbiosis, obesity, and otherwise cause health problems.

    Some types of seeds (especially things like "Canadian peas" and corn kernels) have hulls that are indigestible to a rabbit, and can cause life-threatening intestinal impactions/blockages.

    Source(s): Owner of a house rabbit...
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    don't listen to the person suggesting pellet food with bits of other stuff in it, heh. bunnies should have PLAIN pellet food.

    the amounts sound ok (he can even have extra pellets since he's still under 7 months)... has detailed info on how much of what to feed based on weight (and has a link to the veggie list that someone else already posted)

    if he's only out for 10-30 mins a day, how much space does he actually have the rest of the time? bunnies need either 4-5h of "out of the cage" time daily or a living area of around 60 square feet - making sure he's able to get enough exercise daily will make more of a difference in his weight than a fraction of a cup of pellets ;)

    he should have hay available 24/7, btw, as it should make up 80% or so of his diet. not sure what kind you're feeding him right now - if it's alfalfa, then it's time to start *gradually* weaning him over to timothy hay (or another type of grass hay).

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    I also have a mini Rex and I always feed him that rabbit food that has the pellets and dried veggies/fruit in it. When my neighbor gave him to me, she told me it was the only he'd eat. Andive noticed he eats the pellets last or not at all if he can help it haha. I believe its called Wild Harvest and I get it from Walmart. I also give him Timothy hay from time to time. And fresh veggies or fruits occasionally as well. He LOVES bananas and celery the most. He seems to be a good weight and size.

    Best wishes! :)

    Source(s): Experience with Fido (my rabbit) :)
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    I would say so! :) Just as he gets older, cut back on the pellets if it seems he got heavier ^^ Your rabbit is eating the right amount. Just make sure he stays active, too. :)

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    their main food should be hay but youre on the right track

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