A kid on my high school football team died yesterday and im so sad:( advice?

A student at millington central high died during football practice after getting hurt during practice in a injury. Today was so sad and i knew him, but we never talked much. It's just scary to me how so many people around my age are dying now. I cried hard today, and the school was very down:(

He had a bright future and his first game would have been friday, and thats what hurts as well. I just hate seeing people around my age die, and ive been crying all day even though we never talked like that. Its just crazy. Advice?

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  • Lurch
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    8 years ago
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    Dana was only 15. That has hard ring to it. For him don't be sad he died doing what he loved.

    Football for some young men is like a religion. To get me to quit I had to bend my knees the wrong way. And I still sat on the bench for two more weeks before I was told to quit by a doctor. Walking there was going to leave me in a wheel chair

    I had so many friends in school and then they started dying.

    So many died, for really dumb reasons too. I just stopped going to funerals.

    Some of the parents called to find out why I did not come.

    I went to their homes and got out a scrap book. I had 25 funeral programs and 30 death certificates.

    I would add the clippings from the newspaper. They would all look so shocked at the book and at me. That many children had died. I remembered all their names. I held up 15 coffins.

    I would then leave and never hear from them again.

    What does it all mean what is it all for, why did they die so young.

    Well I don't claim to have all the answers but the best one if there is a reason is…

    They die so young to remind us that life is so very precious and fleeting. To not take the little quite moments for granted. Love & Live without holding back because you may not get a second chance.

    I was told this when I woke up in a morgue. It was mine turn to die. I just didn’t stay that way.

    So here is to second chances face the world without fear. Knowing death is a shadow that will not haunt you but show you how great life was and to love it as much as you can.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    First, sorry for your loss. Anytime someone in our lives die, it is always devastating. Your feelings are quite normal and you will be going through many emotions during this time. It helps to talk to others who feel the same way. Allow yourself to feel sad and grief as this is all part of the death process. Please talk to someone you trust or a counselor who may help you through this. It may not seem it but death of someone really helps you reflect on yourself and how to make you a better person. It is sad of anyone to die especially so young and with a bright future. We don't understand death, yet it is all part of life. Accept your feelings and know that all you are feeling are quite normal. I am sure your school will be doing things to honor him. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family and friends during this difficult time.

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    First off there is nothing wrong with crying. Even for someone you verily knew. It is true there are alot of people that are young passing away these days, i also had someone that was actually very close to me die while i was in high school. My advice to you is to just be nice to everyone around you , watch out for victims of bullies, just like me, they get picked on and no one really helps them and they are just miserable and sad every time they come to school. There is nothing you should be ashamed of if you need to go to talk to a counselor or even your teachers about this situation. They are there to help you in anyway. Write down your feelings in a diary or notepad, getting things out is better than keeping the hurt inside, i can guarantee you , you will feel a sense of relief and overcome your crying. Everyone will always feel sad about him but to keep his memory alive is to keep him alive. Do not worry there are plenty of people and resources to talk to and do when in a situation like this. Hope this helps.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    ignore what that guy said and do not smoke marijuana.... those are the words (obviously) of a moronic stoner. Try talking about it with someone you know, maybe someone you know that knew him? Dealing with grief in high school is hard, especially when its someone from your high school that passed away. Know that there are people all around you grieving as well, so you aren't alone in that regard. Find someone to talk to- a shoulder to cry on. It won't go away over night.

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  • Jeff
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    8 years ago

    so sad to hear about young kids passing away like that with so much life ahead of them.Sports are dangerous at times so kids must be careful.Grieving will help you get through this,but it takes time.I feel so bad for everyone who knew him,or didn't know him and especially what his family is going through,its a terrible thing.I am 56 yrs old and have been in your shoes many times before and it really sucks.My best friends who where in the service with me have been killed,my high school buddies who I "partied with" killed in car accidents,the list goes on,and when I think how lucky I am it makes me cry and wish I could change places with them,but that is impossible,so time will heal and you crying is good.I'm sorry you have to go through this sad situation.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Skin color should not matter anywhere. If he gets or doesn't get the position, it'll be due to his abilities, including leadership abilities being a quarterback. Does this mean that there isn't some racist football coach out there? No. Just don't worry about it.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Wait it out. It definitely takes time. Pray for him, talk about him, talk about it if you need to, talk to people who knew him and learn more about him. Keep him in your heart, and thoughts, and pray for his family, friends, him, and everyone who knew him. Just keep talking about it, cry if it hurts, and just wait for it to stop. There's nothing to do just wait for it to get better.

    Source(s): My favorite person in the world died in April, and it was a huge shock to me because I hadn't seen her in 2 years, and I was waiting to see her again. She was an angel, and then she died, she committed suicide and it just drove me nuts. She was VERY important to me, there is no one else in the world who resembles her to me. I cried over that for 2-3 months, and every time I cried I cried for her, even if what happened before that didn't have anything to do with her. If me and my mom ever got in a fight, I would run to my bedroom and cry because of my friend dying. Every time, it was the underlying hurt of her death. You just have to wait. Cry, talk to people, hug people. The day I went back to school I cried, and I told my friend in advance that she had died. When I came back, he followed me around until I turned around and then he just hugged me.
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    if you drive a car just leave shcool for a period or two, and forget about the political fears and maybe smoke a little marijuana just to keep yourself calmed down, if not then try anything to relax yourself, May your friend rest in peace, and his god bless him

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