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Camping + Marijuana + Mushrooms = Bad/Good Camping Trip?

So I have an upcoming camp trip with a couple of close friends. And me and my girlfriend decided to do shrooms when we get out there? Going to be my first time to take mushrooms. What shall I expect? What're the most likely things to happen? Shall I intake in during the day or night? What's better? I do indeed smoke the herb, so I don't know if that shall give me a good insight of what's going. Am considering to smoke the herb too will that do anything as well. Mixing? What am I going to expect?

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    I would do the shrooms mid afternoon, otherwise they will keep you up all night. Dont mix them with weed or booze your first time either.

    Mushrooms are usually a pretty mellow trip compared to other hallucinogens. Most people claim they have the ability to "turn it on and off," depending on what the focus on. Along those same lines, your mood can affect the type of trip you have a lot. If you are feeling scared, anxious, or paranoid before taking them, the mushrooms will just escalate that feeling, and it will be... unpleasant.

    As long as you are having good times with good people, you should be fine.

    The two biggest side effects are nausea and respiratory depression. Nausea can be helped by eating something with the mushrooms like peanut butter. I also like drinking OJ after.

    The respiratory depression won't kill you, but it can make you "forget" to breath causing you to snore or gasp. It is comparable to sleep apnea and subsides within 6 hours. I wouldn't try swimming while tripping, though.


    Good point from Bear Crap. I looked at those articles, and all of those people either mixed mushrooms with alcohol, or in case of the teacher took nearly 20 times the normal dose. About 1/8 of an ounce (around 1-2 caps) is enough for a good 4 hour trip. For your first time, I suggest taking even less. until you know how it will effect you.

    And again, if you are even the slightest bit apprehensive about taking them, then don't. That anxiety is what leads to a bad trip. A bad trip is where you think everyone is out to get you, and you are scared to death that you are lost in the woods even though you are 3 feet away from your tent. A good trip and you can lay down and finger paint with the stars a la Jodie Foster in Contact.

    And again, don't mix with weed, especially not the first time. Weed can prolong the trip you get from the mushrooms, but it can also intensify a bad trip making it even worse.

    Also, treat mushrooms as a special occasion drug. Something you do once a year with the right group of people. All things in moderation.

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    The grass is easy, not much problem there.

    BUT! Before doing 'shrooms, I would not recommend doing that while camping. Sure, if you have the guts and if The Force is with you, (which it doesn't sound like it is since you end sentences with a ?) you could pull it off and profound experiences may occur BUT! it is not a good idea to do that in an unfamiliar environment, like camping.

    So = bad idea.

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    Ask under the category: Health > Alternative Medicine.

    This category is Camping, which can be enjoyed without mushrooms.

    Avoid sharp objects and wandering around the forest beyond your tent. I have often perched a tent beside a cliff. Caution in the night is advised.

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    I’m not for or against marijuana use for adults. But I have had friends who ended up dead from eating mushrooms. Two girls when I was in high school did shrooms and were laughing and walking down a train track until they were hit by a train. One male friend of mine was on shrooms at night camping and went for a walk in the dark and fell off a 80 foot cliff and broke half the bones in his body and nearly died. Some died from just being so high they didn’t see the danger before it got them. I know of many more. People tend to think its safe until tragedy hits because so many people tell them its safe and nothing bad happened to them. And I knew many who did such drugs and nothing bad happened. But the fact is it’s dangerous and not good for you.

    So you will believe me read these true stories;

    Man stabs himself on mushrooms

    Man jumps to death while on shrooms

    Teen girl dies when she wonders onto freeway

    More on the dangers

    When I was a teenager I tried all sorts of things back in the 1970s because my friends assured me it was fun and safe. Well I still remember being too high and wanting to come down so bad but I had to ride it out for many hours throwing my guts up. Those were terrible experiences. My wife lost a family member from eating magic mushrooms. If you value your life don’t do them because sooner or later it could go all bad!

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    start with a little pinch and go from there because everyone reacts differently. make sure you have lots of non-alcoholic beverages to drink because they make you drink water or juice like your life depends on it. the experience? tough to say but make sure you are around people that you trust in case you have a bad time with your buzz. you might also want to keep a fully stocked first aid kit handy (long story) as well as having one in your group stay sober just to keep things under control.

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    WOW...........UMM..........? Probably a bad idea to go camping at all, and maybe find a girl friend that doesn't do shrooms. I guess what I'm trying to say is grow up. Camping is fun and if you don't know that with out drugs I suggest trying it sometime.

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    Don't do the shrooms at night man. You will see dead people.

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    Don't do drugs. they kill your brain cells, stupid idea.

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