Army/Military Physical?

So I was just wondering what the army physical consists of. Just so I know whats comin'. xD Thanks.


As Jon T said, I didn't have enough info. I am talking about the actual physical before you enlist. Where they see if you're working right. xD

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  • Jon T
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    7 years ago
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    Are you talking about the physical at MEPS or are you talking about the Physical Fitness Test? Provide some more information


    The physical at MEPS will be a basic physical (that you will have multiple times in your life). It will consist of a blood draw, medical history questions, vision/hearing test, urinalysis (piss test for drugs), as well as some other physical things. They will test your color vision and make sure you don't have any physical abnormalities. They separate the males/females and have them strip down to their underwear. They then have you do different movements to include the "duck walk". They then do a hernia and hemorrhoid exam. I am not sure what exactly the female physical consists of, but that is about the extent of the male's physical.

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  • Laura
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    4 years ago

    What the military really cares about is your body mass index (BMI) and not so much your weight. If you are over your maximum allowed weight for your age, sex, and height (many soldiers are) then you must pass what is called a tape test to determine your BMI. I am 6'3" and weigh 260 and have to be tape tested all the time but I always pass. I carry around a lot of extra muscle weight because Im into lifting. I can still do a butt load of pushups and pullups though. Sounds like you may be the same way. You should ask your recruiter if he will tape test you and check to see if your BMI is within Army standards for your age and height.

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