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Do you think Ramen Noodles can be compared with noodles you see at Chinese restaurants?

They are made with the same base ingredients, both originate from China, both served with vegetables and broth. Ramen does have a Lowe quality because they are dried and sealed in airtight foil, when others are fresh. But all in all, they are still Chinese noodles. What do you think?

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    Ramen is Japanese noodles not Chinese noodles. Ramen is thicker and Chinese Min is thinner. Basic noodle making ingredients are probably similar but each culture has their own variations, for instance the Japanese also use buckwheat and spinach in their noodles.

    Ramen soup and Chinese soup are made from different ingredients, one traditionally uses fish stock, the other uses pork. The toppings are typically different in types of vegetables and cut. All in all, they're different if you know the difference. If not, you're right, they're both spaghetti in salty water.

    Source(s): 60 years experience with noodles
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    well technically they are both noodles, but apparently the ramen noodles in a packet and the real ramen you get in restaurants have no comparrison.

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