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How can i prepare to join West Point or ROTC?

Im a freshman in high school and im pretty set on becoming a marine officer. There are so many things i can join to become an officer after high school. Plus there are many things to do in high school to aid my officer career. I just want some ideas on how to be at my best for the marines physically, mentally and academically. What can i do in high school to be prepared for a military academy or ROTC. Also, what can i do to be a good candidate for any kind of military academy or ROTC?

Thanks in advance for your help!:)

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    You cannot "join" West have to apply, be nominated by your congressman, and then be selected to attend. Roughly, 1 in 12 who apply get in. You could be number one of your class of 1,000, have a 4.2 GPA, play three sports, be class president, and have volunteered over 200 hours....and not get in. You need top-notch grades. Take AP/IB (whatever your school calls them) and honors, play sports, join a club, try and get a leadership positions....remember though quality not quantity. Same for ROTC, as you`ll be wanting to apply for the scholarship.

    However, you do NOT want to attend West Point! That is for those who want to be Army Officers. Prospective Marines attend the Naval Academy, or Naval ROTC, where Marine officers are commissioned. USNA is not like a regular college, and the needs of the military come first, so if you do get in, your performance will determine if you would have a better shot at getting your chance to be a Marine officer.

    Visit ALL of these links. It`s not easy to be accepted to either one. Over 20,000 apply, and only 1 in 12 get in, 1,400. Get GREAT grades, play a sport, volunteer, etc, etc. Work out, and be able to run up to 3 miles, do at least 70-80 crunches, and at least 50 push-ups, preferably more. Also, when you are in your junior year, apply to USNA`s Summer Seminar. If you`re accepted, it`ll give you a taste of military life. But do apply for the NROTC`s good backup in case you don`t get into USNA, which is a good possibility. Also, if you HAVE to be a Marine officer, NROTC can be better, because you sign a Marin-option contract. At USNA, you might not get Marine officer...depends on how your performance is, and the needs of the military. That said, you can be a mediocre student ad still get USMC, depends on what the other Midshipmen pick.

    Also, if your school has a JROTC unit, join it....even if it`s not MCJROTC. One of my friends is is AFJROTC, and wants to be a Navy SEAL. It helps. Also join something like Young Marines, Civil Air Patrol, Sea Cadets, etc.

    Bottom line, it`s NOT easy to get cannot slack off in high school. If you want this, you have to be still have 4 years, but you need to start preparing now, as your grades and other things WILL up on USNA and NROTC. Also read "Building A Midshipman" by Jaqui Murrsay and "The Naval Academy Candidate Book: How to Prepare, How to Get In, How to Survive" by Sue Ross. Excellent books for preparing.

    Sorry if I wrote this kind of harsh....just trying to be real about the fact that this is NOT easy to get into, and you can`t just involves a lot of preparation. This has been kind of brief, and I`m sure you have more questions, so by all means, feel free to message me. I, too, want to be a Marine Corps officer and attend USNA, and have been "researching" (I guess you could call it that) about the Marines and USNA (and NROTC) since about 7th grade, so feel free to ask any questions you might have.

    Good luck.

    EDIT: HOOAH is completely have to get a nomination to be CONSIDERED. And you do not need to talk to a recruiter at all....that`s just for enlisting. They have NOTHING to do with officers. There`s only one way in, and it`s a tough one, but others have done it before you too.

    Source(s): Future USNA & USMC hopeful
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    West Point and Rotc commission Army 2nd Lieutenants. The Naval Academy and Nrotc commission Navy Ensigns and Marine 2nd Lieutenants. The PLC is the Marines prime commissioning program for college students.

    The Air Force Academy website offers outstanding advice to students prepping for a service academy, rotc scholarship or any highly selective university. Open all links to the right of the page. Be sure to open the "Character Matters" link and read it carefully."

    Regarding service academy appointments:;_ylv=3?qid...

    Good understanding of Nrotc by reading the FAQ on the website of the nation's original Nrotc Battalion founded by Fleet Admiral Chester W Nimitz:

    More helpful FAQ, scroll down:


    The Making of a Marine Officer:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail


    All Marine Officer Commissioning programs, require a 1st class Marine PFT, 225 minimum, to be considered. A 280+ is considered very competitive for the Marine Option Scholarships. In contrast, a 134 Marine PFT is required to graduate Marine Enlisted Basic training.

    O-1(2nd Lt.) to O-2(1st Lt.) in 24 months. O-2 to O-3(Captain) in another 24 months. All Marine Officers are eligible for tax free BAH(Housing Allowance) which varies widely with location. Single enlisted Marines ranking below E-6 are not eligible for BAH and live on base in the barracks.

    [Select location from drop down menu for the correct BAH.]

    Service Academy Cadets/Mids are paid 35% of the Basic pay of a 2nd Lieutenant/Ensign(O-1.)

    Good Luck!

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    Physical Training all the way. A lot of running, push ups, pull ups, sit ups, crunches, ruck marches and hiking for extremely long distances, like 5 to 10 miles. Do all you can to excel in your training, study it all thoroughly.

    fuzzy is right, you have to be nominated usually. i believe if you can prove you would be a good candidate to your recruiter and important people, they will admit you. i'm pretty sure there is another admittance way other than nomination, it is just nearly impossible as hell.

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    you can not join west point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have to be nominated by a congressman

    go to college and ask a recruiter about the rotc program,, they will do the rest

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