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Do you like name Dimitri Lloyd with the middle name Gennady?

Hi there. I'm thinking to add as a middle name my farther's name - Gennady. Tell my please, which one you like more and would you read the name starting with J (like James) or G (like in "go")? Please be honest.

Dimitri Lloyd


Dimitri Gennady Lloyd

Thank you very much!

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    My opinion is middle names are the perfect way to honor family members. I said in a previous post that at first glance it looks like G as in go, but could easily see it as J as in James. I know that isn't much help but where its a middle name you do not need to worry about pronunciation so much. I think Dimitri Gennady Lloyd sounds good either way it is pronounced. So I would definitely use it, especially where its your fathers name! :)

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    lol Dimitri???

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