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What classical music composers similar in style to Joe Hisaishi can you recommend?

I mean those who compose(d) optimistic, sunny and (or) breathtaking pieces like Hisaishi's "Ashitaka and San" or "Nausicaa" (Opening Theme).

The only one I can think of is Claude Debussy(some of his works)...


Even if he's not a classical composer I would be happy if you point me to similar music.

Update 2:

BTW I think Hisaishi was influenced by Debussy a lot.

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    Joe Hisaishi is not a classical composer, so really there are no classical composers like him. (He warrants no comparisons with Debussy... the piano is the only thing they may have in common.) He is more comparable to modern pop instrumental composers.

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    I find his compositions for the many Miyazaki films to be among the most breathtaking. His elegant and memorable melodies coupled with intense attention to the underlying harmonic properties is spectacular.

    To me, and this is just my humble opinion, his masterpieces seem to be reminiscent of the Romantic Period... not classical 'per se'.

    There is little in common with Joe Hisaishi's music and pop. Different harmonic progressions, range of melody, cadence, and resolution not with standing the differences in medium.

    I apologize, I am not answering your question very well, am I?

    Perhaps looking at composers of the Romatic Era may yield something?

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    hi, I'm Hungarian, and I'm very happy that there is a "stranger" who loves Hungarian music! I think if you would like to captuire the essence of Hungarian music, you should listen as many Bartók and Kodály pieces as you can. They were the first composers who explored the REAL Hungarian folk music (so their music isn't that gipsy-romantic style of Liszt and Brahms). I'm a grat "fan" of them so if I can help you (for example to recommend or to get pieces - here, in Hungary it must be more simple), write to me. If you want to get to know Hungarian folk music, visit youtube! If you type in "néptánc" (Hungarian word for folk dance), you'll find thousands of videos with dances accompanied by folk music.

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    maybe you would like borodin? he writes some really nice melodies.

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