Can someone list a few programming languages as well as their difficulty?

I need to know difficulty of C++ and Java and at least 3 more please. Thank you, and I know Lua is hard so you don't need to note that one. Thanks!


I have no experience so judge difficulty on the level of beginner. Thanks!

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  • Andrew
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    8 years ago
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    One thing to keep in mind is that just about all the languages use very similar basic concepts. Once you've learnt one or two to a reasonable level you can pick up most others relatively easily. It takes a long time to become an expert in any but you can get to basic proficiency in a new language fairly quickly.

    Most languages fall into two groups:

    Scripting languages (python, perl, php, ruby, javascript) tend to be easier to use but are less powerful and run slower. Great for quick fixes and simple tasks but you wouldn't want to use them for a big project.

    Compiled languages (c, c++, c#, objective c, java, debian, pascal, ada) tend to be harder to learn but are more powerful.

    pascal is easy, it was designed for teaching programming. It's also hardly used in the real world so it's a bit of a dead end beyond teaching basic concepts.

    c is a good starting point, it isn't widely used outside the embedded market these days but is about as simple as you can get while having all of the key features of a language. It requires you to do things manually that most newer languages do automatically but knowing what is actually going on rather than just trusting the system to handle everything in the background is a good teaching aid.

    Object oriented languages (the things derived from c, java and most newer languages) add an extra level of complexity but they tend to be the ones most widely used.

    Java may be an easier language to learn than c or c++ but it also hides a lot of what is going on from you. Every now and then it can make a big difference knowing what's going on behind the curtain.

    See for a nice long list.

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    If you are new to programming, then begin with Microsoft visible basic 6 it will atleast show you some fundamentals of programming. Even though this language is laptop depended and particularly handy, which you can creat cool intricate business or entertainment applications with it. Then as you grow to be a bit more professional, its time to go away the nest. By way of finding out JAVA as an alternative than C++ as it's extra robust and ensures future survival and essentially if you know JAVA you dont have to recognize C++ anymore. C++ turns into obsolete. As you development from JAVA, are trying fortran and pascal and at final gain knowledge of ADA, if you want to basically make you the KING as you wont don't have any more boundaries. DOD can be easy pickin

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    C Sharp



    difficulty level increases as you go downward..

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    Start with Java. Once you're good with Java, you can learn C++ (they're similar, but C++ is more complex). C# is very similar to Java, so once you know Java, it will be very easy to move to C#.

    People don't use C++ so much anymore. Java and C# are called managed languages, and they handle some of the annoying things that you have to do manually in C++. It doesn't just make C++ harder to learn; it makes C++ harder to use. Of course, there are the people who learned C++ first and are convinced that if it is hard to do, it must be good for you. Don't listen to them. Learn Java, and when you're good with Java, try a little C#.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    "People don't use C++ so much anymore"

    That's just flat out wrong. I suppose you're going to say the same of Fortran as well. That would be wrong too.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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