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can you please explain these words 4 me?

aha moment

cloud computing

energy drink

f bomb

game changer

man cave


do you use those????

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    Aha moment = Sudden realisation, or when you've suddenly figured out the answer to a problem.

    Cloud computing = Where all your computer data (like documents, music, movies) are stored on the internet in servers, so they're not on your computer.

    Energy drink = A drink which has a very high energy content, usually due to lots of sugar or different chemicals and ingredients.

    F bomb = The F Word. When someone says f***, some people say they've "dropped the f bomb".

    Game changer = Something which completely turns a situation around, e.g. if a team is losing in a game, and then their best player comes on and starts getting points, that would be a game changer.

    Man Cave = A room or area filled with 'man stuff', like games, food, high tech computers, tvs...etc A place where a man can chill out, haha

    Underwater = Not really sure, but being under the water? haha

    Do I use them? Not really. They aren't really common phrases, but they might be used occasionally by people.

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    An aha moment is when you have a sudden insight, when you realize something that's been staring you in the face all along but you never noticed it. And you go 'Aha!'

    Cloud computing is where you store your data on the Internet. You have no idea where you data actually is! It's just 'out there somewhere'. The advantage is that you can get to your data from anywhere you can connect to the Internet, and people who collaborate on a project can share the files very easily. And it's probably safer than if it was on your own computer.

    Energy drinks are just soft drinks with extra caffeine. They're popular with young people. There are energy drinks now that are small, just a couple of sips, but still have all the caffeine. Caffeine is the active ingredient, just like coffee or regular soft drinks.

    f bomb is the f-word. When someone says it in a place where it causes some shock (like in a courtroom, or a church, or a classroom(, people say he 'dropped the f bomb'.

    A game changer is a move in a 'game' that changes the rules, it changes the whole character of the game. If Apple Computer announced it was bringing out a line of motorcycles, that would be a game changer. When the Republicans picked Sarah Palin for VP in 2008, that was a game changer.

    A man cave is a man's living space. A man's comfortable 'den' where he has his TV, his fridge full of beer, his nudie girl posters, etc.

    Underwater means literally underwater. The wreck of the Titanic is underwater. But recently a lot of people have found that their houses have lost so much value that they owe more on them than they're worth. So we say their mortgages are 'underwater', or 'upside down'.

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    aha moment- The moment in which a person has suddenly figured out something they had pondered for some time

    cloud computing- Cheap server over the internet

    energy drink- A liquid beverage containing high amounts of caffeine, used to keep ones self awake.

    f bomb- The word '****'

    game changer- An event that changes a situation

    man cave- A room, usually secluded from rest of the house (usually a basement). Where a man can do things he enjoys in private. For example: Work on projects, play video games, etc.

    underwater- I'm not sure what you mean by this... Perhaps you mean something similar to being 'in the doghouse'

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    Sudden realization.

    Using apps from and storing files on an Internet server, rather than keeping things on your computer.

    Liquid caffiene.

    Yelling f*ck a lot.

    Something that changes the outcome of a situation.

    The new term for a den, the personal space of the man of the house.

    Either inside a body of water or a mortgage that costs more than the house is worth.

    They're commonly used, some of which are the proper names of the items in question.

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