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What should I know before signing up to a gym?

I am a teenager and am interested in signing up to a gym. I would like to get some tips as to what gym I should choose, what classes I can join, like Zumba, cardio training, or Yoga, etc, what equipment is best, and other tips before I make my decision.

No, my training will not be based on the Yahoo answers I will get :). This is just what I'm starting with!

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  • ioerr
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    Well you should know that unless you plan to actually work out on a regular basis it's a huge waste of money, and that it's a huge waste of money anyway because if you do actually have the discipline to work out on a regular basis you really don't need a gym just for that.

    Ok go sign up now.

  • tonkin
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    3 years ago

    now not precise... weight lifting generally is a quality approach to drop pounds in case you use lighter weights and extra repititions. You definately must do each, and it isnt precise that any one gets better if one stops lifting weights, it's that the muscular tissues end up flabbier, so that you have to on occasion determine however it's fairly convenient to hold your form as soon as you're there. But I might move to the health club, and do something she plans on doing, and possibly move walking and do a little aerobic additionally. It is major you leisure while lifting, so in case you raise weights on sooner or later calm down the following... possibly that might be a well time to move for an extended stroll or a run when you get into greater form. In the top, the foremost factor to drop pounds is to devour proper, however so long as you are figuring out daily, whether or not lifting or going for an extended stroll, you'll break out with a few matters occasionaly

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