One Direction and Perez Hilton?

Ever since Zayn deleted his Twitter Perez Hilton is trending and being talked about. What happened between them? Do One Direction and Perez not like eachother? What's they whole story between them? Thanks!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Perez Hilton had made accusations that One Direction would not make it to the US and he has also claimed that he would not be surprised if One Direction broke up in a couple of years which does give a bit of a hint that he is not a big fan of One Direction if he is already predicting the break-ups. After Zayn Malik deleted his Twitter account Perez Hilton tweeted on Twitter afterwards saying "Called it! I said he'd be the first to leave 1D! This is the beginning" leaving an article about Zayn Malik deleting his Twitter account Perez Hilton always makes rumors about celebrities even to those hes friends with its not really a surprise to me what hes saying about One Direction. Perez Hilton was never someone that the One Direction fans liked ever since his first insulting article about One Direction. It is the fans job to defend Zayn Malik along with the rest of the boys to those who insult them or make false accusations.

  • 8 years ago

    First of all Perez Bullies celebrities he called Avril a jerk.

    Okay so perez said ''One Direction is totally gonna break up in a couple of years'' and I think he started doing mean stuff to Zayn I think...ZAYN actually quitted twitter and perez was all like ''One Direction's Zayn Malik DELETES His Twitter! Called it! I said he'd be the first to leave 1D! This is the beginning!'' >:O im so angry i cried.....>:(

  • tonkin
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    4 years ago

    I suppose dangerous for the entire One Direction fanatics. Perez hilton is understood for being a jacka** and truthfully i dont even pay awareness to him anymore. He is rather terrible approximately plenty of men and women. It sounds imply however, correct now I am residing in an international in which Perez doesnt exist. Just to be transparent, I havent killed him off or something in my head or something. I simply do not seem at his tweets, internet site, something else he has on our on-line world in view that he is a bully. It's a lot more peaceable with out his hate being unfold round after which the entire hate coming again to him.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Perez said that One Direction are going to break up. YAY. I hope they do.

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  • 8 years ago

    Perez Hilton is a douchedick, and i suppose evryone doesnt give two sh*ts of what he thinks, personally he wants to start chaos and spread rumors,

    PS. i want to stick my foot up his pink haired man-gina :)

  • 8 years ago

    WELL STUPID aND IRRELEVANT PEREZ HILTON SAID "ZANY DELETED HIS TWITTER CALLED IT I TOLD YOU HE MAY BE THE FIRST ONE TO LEAVE ONE DIRECTION" ND ya zany deleted his twitter because he got caught cheating or something idk it's stylus and people are stupid for pushing zany into deleting his twitted I mean ya we joke about his weed stuff lol but we should respect him

  • Jsjoh
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    8 years ago

    WAIT, WAIT, WAIT...HOLDS...THE F*CK UP!!....Zayn deleted his twitter?!?!!?1 OH HELLZ NO!! are you effin surrous!?!? (yea..i said surrous!) Omg, Ugh, i wanna slap his a$$ right now! I have no idea about the whole perez thing..maybe since perez keeps talkin about zayn cheatin on perrie or something..yea idk, but imma go on twitter, and stalk1D's page, and tell zayn how much of a dumb a$$ he is, for deletin his twitter! i else would i feel so close to him..Lml

  • 8 years ago

    Sorry I'm not sure but to the top answer I was upset tok when I found out but he DID IT BECAUSE OF HATE FROM FANS! so calm down and no! Don't do that! I think he's had enough HATE already!

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