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My bf's kid hates me?

I am really stressed out & have been feeling like maybe I should break up with my bf. We have been together for 1yr & he has a 7 yr old son & I don't have any kids.

Things were great before I met the boy, but now that he came to stay with my bf for the summer he is really mean to me. I try to be nice, I take him out, buy him stuff & he always ends up complaining that he was bored or hates what I buy him (even though he picks the toys).

I spend alot of $ on him & time with him & he doesn't appreciate it. I also clean up after him, wash his clothes & cook for him. Yet he's always telling my bf that i'm mean to him & that he hates the food I make.

One day he heard me telling my friend on the phone that someday in the future I want to have a baby & then the kid comes out & tells me "You'll never have kids, that's why you keep losing them!" He knows that I had a miscarriage yrs ago with an ex bf. I also noticed that he's always making up lies about other people & even about me.

Sometimes my bf believes the lies & gets mad at me. I don't know what to do, this kid hates me & admitted it to me. I feel like leaving my bf because it's too stressful. I can't punish the kid or yell at him because he's not my son. Should I just end the relationship?


I have talked to my bf about this & all he says is Oh he's just a kid or sometimes he doesn't believe me :/

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    WOW What a lousy kid! You're doing all this awesome stuff for him and he doesn't appreciate any of it? That's honestly messed up. I mean, kids in general are sometimes a deal breaker for some people, but this kid? If you seriously can't live with the kid, I'd leave despite the boyfriend 'cause that's just not fair. Before you do anything though, talk to your boyfriend about it. And have you ever told him about any of this? You're obviously being victimized by the child to make you look bad for his personal reasons.

    EDIT: Hmm, well at this point you have to make a decision. Stay with your boyfriend, whom I'm assuming you love very much, and keep feeling this way forever with that ungrateful child. Who knows, he MIGHT grow on you, but I doubt it considering what he's said so far.


    Relieve yourself of all that stress and the thought of leaving by ACTUALLY leaving the two of them and moving on.

    I know it's a tough choice but you have to do something to make YOU happy, because apparently this kid doesn't appreciate the awesome things you tried to make him happy. But if you decide to leave, might as well go out with a bang right? If you feel you have nothing to lose, try to record the child treating you poorly and show your boyfriend, maybe THEN he'll know what's going on and do something himself. You could also try this if you don't leave him, because it won't affect you or your boyfriend negatively.

    Good luck, message me if you need any more help :)

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