Something Shared "show on" #proto 2.0 / can you give input?

Im putting Jazz in the mix what follows for "Something Shared"

Something Shared comes from 2 sources: One - from existing playlists. Two - recently found.

from playlist .... Last of the Boheatnicks by Dr. Onionskin ....!/s/Last+Of+The+Boheatnick...

from recient find .... Leaving Blank (no find)

Bonus points ..... Either incorporate in your chosen band or add another one in same catagory (jazz). Choose any country that makes Woopie.

Other Notes: #proto 2.5 will be the last proto, from then on we I will keep score. Score will be based on YOU rating the posts placed by others.

The accumulated votes do not detirming my choice of BA, but will have a over all point winner after a undetermined amount of questions. I'll come up with a prize later.

Let's give it a try ...... I will not count the votes this time. Just seeing if I explained this properly.

What did you think of Dr Onionskin?


Hope, Nice job. That's what I'm talking about. The extras for MM is understood. I really like Dianna Krall too, and now have another favorite from her thanks to your post.

MM, perfect format answer. Spoken word ... pretty wordy.

That did look like one hell of a concert.

Wires, Quite a different language. I was OK with it as I started to understand some words but couldn't make out the middle so, I couldn't go the 9 mins.

Martin, I believe the others got it. No one voted for someone else, but that was optional or maybe some will come back, with votes.

I feel that a answer could be only one song and if it's strong enough, it could be selected. Notice I left one blank and did not claim a country. But always welcome to leave the max of 3. (Hope)

Update 2:

George Carlin can explain this,the best; approx. 30 seconds:

Youtube thumbnail

We need to get Neil's travels implemented into the music.

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    Ok, just so I'm clear.

    I'm not being served, right? ;)

    I think I get what you're saying.

    Ok, here's a jazz song from my existing playlist that I LOVE:

    Diana Krall's rendition of "A Blossom Fell"

    Youtube thumbnail

    (pulled a Harvey and featured a fellow Canadian :)

    A recent find:

    Madeleine peyroux -- No More

    Youtube thumbnail

    Bonus: I'd like to do both. I'll incorporate Diana Krall's breathtaking rendition of How Can You Mend A Broken Heart:

    Youtube thumbnail

    And throw in another fun jazz song just for the helluvit.

    Al Hibbler -- After the Lights Go Down Low

    Youtube thumbnail

    Opinion on Dr. Onionskin:

    Wow. I felt like I was on a REALLY bad 'cid trip. I'm not huge into spoken jazz, but the lyrics were pretty cool. Fun upbeat-NYC instrumentals.

    @MM--NICE call on Los Fabulosos Cadillac!! Fell in love with them 5 years ago when I moved to Mexico.

    Inspired by MM's Spanish post, I'm gonna post a song by Los Enanitos Verdes called Lamento Boliviano. Cool lyrics if you translate 'em :)

    Youtube thumbnail


    Ok, MM.

    You're messing with a Spanish rock affectionado ;)

    Soda Stereo -- De Musica Ligera

    Youtube thumbnail

    Los Rodriguez -- Sin Documentos

    Youtube thumbnail

    Los Fabulosos Cadillac -- El Matador

    Youtube thumbnail

    Jarabe de palo -- por Un Beso de La Flaca

    Youtube thumbnail

    Aterciopelados -- Bolero Falaz

    Youtube thumbnail

    :) Consider yourself raised haha

    Just friendly sharing. I don't want people thinking otherwise. :)

    Source(s): @Glen--oops! So sorry. I wasn't sure about link limits. Got a little enthusiastic hehe
  • 7 years ago

    I'm not really sure what I'm doing here, so I'll just throw a couple of songs at you -

    An old favorite, Desafinado - Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd:

    Youtube thumbnail

    and another old favorite, but I haven't heard it in a long time, so it's kind of like a new favorite (?), Summer Samba - Oscar Peterson:

    Youtube thumbnail


  • 7 years ago

    Dr. Onionskin is a very early work in progress, heavily influenced by Captain Beefheart, right down to the second trumpet fill. But he did make me think of a forgotten jazz wit, Oscar Brown Jr.

    As for Makin' Whoopie, both bands posted by Hope and me are Argentine. LFC is from Buenos Aires and Enanitos Verdes began in Mendoza before relocating to B.A. They now live in Mexico City, despite Latin America's view that Argentines are snobs. I guess E.V. can get that good wine from Mendoza in Mexico (hell, I can get it here in North Dakota).

    Soda Stereo are an Argentine pop band, and La Ley are Chilean (hell of a live band!)

    "But I Was Cool"

    Youtube thumbnail

    (Albert Collins did a blues cover of this that was fun)

    Recent find

    Shamarr Allen, a rising New Orleans trumpeter who didn't leave the city to make more money. Love his New Orleans accent. He plays more than jazz, but this N.O. groove fits the show of his I saw (when I didn't know his name).

    "Can You Feel It"

    Youtube thumbnail


    Bonus category

    Have loved this band since a Peruvian friend casually mentioned a song of theirs. My favorite ska band, with a hell of a left-handed bassist. Oh, how I wish I was at this Los Fabulosos Cadillac concert!

    "Demasiada Presion"

    Youtube thumbnail

    Hope, I'll see your "Lamento Boliviano" and raise you a "Cordillera" (the first song I heard by Enanitos Verdes, whose name was inspired by mass panic in La Plata)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Please don't hate me. In August of 2001, I drove to Atlanta so my nephew and I could attend the Watcha Tour.

    In order:



    La Ley

    Juanes (when he had just released the brilliant "Fijate Bien" CD, whose title track is so sad, about the kidnapping and murder of his cousin in Medellin. I don't know why Juanes turned from fusing bluesy rock with vallenatos to Latin pop, but he's in charge.)

    Enanitos Verdes

    Molotov (eh, nothing to brag about)

    I'm glad I didn't know Aterciopelados had the night off. The bands rotated nights off, and I didn't know Andrea & Hector were part of the tour, but DAMN what a night!

  • 7 years ago

    i'm not sure what you want either, so i am going to post a sort of similar song to your example, in the sort of spoken word performance over jazz vein:

    karen finley and jerry hunt- string 8 (i want an ugly man)

    Youtube thumbnail

    ...and then do a completely unrelated song from a different country for the bonus song, just 'cause i'm digging it lately:

    BQ: lijadu sisters- bayi l'ense!/s/Bayi+L+ense/4E2CEz?src...

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  • Glen, your Q is gonna take desktop-grade computing power. My phone and mind can't handle this while I'm barreling down State Highway 50. Keep this open til the weekend when I'm home? If you cant wait. Then I'll just say "whassup Glen mah brotha?!"

  • Martin
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    7 years ago

    You lost me there buddy. I get that you want on an opinion on the Dr. Onionskin track (not my thing, so my opinion doesn't have much weight or value), the rest.....not sure what you're asking.

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