i am 13 years old started puberty 2 yrs ago. Im 5"0 currently. Will i be that height as an adult?

my mom is the same height as me right now and i have always been a little above average on my growth. recently i have noticed that my growth has been slowing down. my dad is 5"11 and my mom mom's is 5"4...will i be my grandmas height or my moms height? my sister is 11 and she's an inch taller than me already.

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  • 7 years ago
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    from what you have described with the heights of your family you wont be very tall, i stopped growing when i was 16 my sister is still growing and she will be 17 this year, another sister had a growth spurt in her twenties (my mum is 5"2 and dad is 6"1) - this just shows how different everyone is and their heights are different too.

    one thing i will say is that there is nothing wrong with being on the smaller side of things, a phrase that i used to say to a friend who wasnt much taller than 5"0 was 'great things come in small packages' it took her a while but now she can honestly say that they do. It doesnt matter how short or tall you are becuase you are beautiful no matter what. x

  • 7 years ago

    You can't put an exact figure on your growth&development speed and neither your height post-puberty. Honey, girls don't stop growing (progessing through puberty) until around 18 years old so you've got a good solid 5 years left. Also height is generic but not necessarily from your mom and dads genes. You could get you height from paternal grandparents, great-grandparents or great-great-grandparents. Or you could get it from maternal grandparents and so on. But i wouldn't worry about height. I passed my mum, i passed my sister and my grandma. But my dads really tall so i must get the genes from him.

    your body will grow when it wants to and a different speeds:-)

    Source(s): going through the same experiences:-)xoxo
  • 7 years ago

    I'm guessing you will probably be somewhere from 5'4-5'6. I was about your size when I was 13 and I turned out to be exactly 5'6.

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