Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy in a movie together? What about Wesley Snipes and Chris Tucker?

Will Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy ever be in a movie together? Both are seasoned actors so they can go either a crime drama, action comedy, etc. I would like to see how they would work off each other as they have different styles.

I also wondering if a Wesley Snipes and Chris Tucker project would work. Chris Tucker has had a lot of success w/ Jackie Chan in the past so why not. Yeah, Wesley is in prison, but he'll be out in 8-10 months.

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  • Spike
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    7 years ago
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    I don't think Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy will ever be in a movie together. The type of movies that fit them are different. I can see like Denzel Washington working with Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Dennis Haysbert, Richard Gere, Gary Sinise, Jamie Foxx, Brad Pitt, Sean Bean, Michael Douglas and Edward Norton. Even if it was both a crime movie, it be done differently. Eddie Murphy's would have to have little humor in it. It would not be like Brooklyn's Finest or Heat, where the humor are different and it not really funny. The one with Ben Stiller, that type would fit Eddie Murphy, no matter it about bank robbery, robing a casino resort, stealing priceless art to sell or as a hitman or dirty cop.

    Wesley Snipes is a wash up actor, he is now a B movie star and if he's lucky then he'll get a role in a big name movie other then that B movies is his main stay. Forget about working with any big name stars again.

    Some people have said that Chris Tucker is a lazy actor or he would have done more movies and gone for any movie projects. They say he kind of demeaned a little too much for the second or third Rush Hour movies. Chris Tucker could work with Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Jonah Hill,Tim Curry or Tom Arnold.

  • 7 years ago

    Though both Denzel and Eddie are good actors, Denzel has more of an acting pedigree over Eddie.

    I wouldn't want to see Denzel in an a comedy. He is too far a great dramatic actor.

  • 3 years ago

    time-honored, Eddie Murphy. think of approximately all that he has accomplished- SNL, the place he did large parodies of James Brown, Buckwheat, plus Mr. Robinson's community, and so on., video clips like Beverly Hills Cop, Coming To usa, and Dreamgirls (I advise come on! He does drama besides as he does comedy!), and don't ignore his arise! Eddie Murphy Delirious is classic! Chris Tucker is hysterically humorous too, and that i like his video clips, yet enable's be serious. in the 5th ingredient and the push Hour video clips, he's in actuality playing a similar character. a guy who unearths himself in an peculiar issue in an peculiar land who screams and geese for canopy lots.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    I do not believe that's true

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