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Why is America the best country in the world?

In a nation where human relations are harmonious, the politicians and the government cares about its people, teen pregnancies are the lowest in the world, rates of unemployment and divorce are also low, the police do their jobs than just harass people, children are born in wedlock, people are working than relying on the government, has lesser crime, the educational system is the best, and there are no hate groups. Men and women get along just fine in America without any problems. The justice system is the unbiased in the world.

Why is America the best country in the world? Why do other countries love America?

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    Over 180 countries have freedom and democracy, the U.S being one of them. There is absolutely no evidence to support that the U.S is the best country in the world.

    The U.S is:

    7th in Literacy

    27th in Math

    22nd in Science

    (The U.S education system is NOT the best)

    49th in life expectancy

    178th in infant mortality

    (No wonder those teen "pregnancies" are so low)

    3rd in median house hold income

    (Not the best income)

    4th in labour force and exports

    (Does not have the lowest amount of unemployment)

    The only places where the U.S is number one is:

    1st in Number of imprisoned people per capitia

    (Crime is NOT low)

    1st in Number of ADULTS who believe angels are real


    1st in Defense Spending

    (Where we in number one, spend more than the next 26 countries on the list combined! 25 of whom are allies. Peace my ***)

    And to top it off has had the most Racism witnessed from any nation in the world: Ranging from enslaving the Africans to the brutal beating of the Japanese similar to what the nazi's did to the Jews. Even now people call Muslims terrorists, and groups like the KKK still exist! And you can tell me people are treated fairly, men and women get along without problems, and that there are no hate groups.

    So do YOU have the right to claim that the U.S is the BEST country in the world? It was once the country that did stand for the good, the country that was united against poverty, not poor people. The U.S was once the best country in the world, but I am sorry to say it is no longer the best in the world.

    So your question is wrong, there are no reasons the U.S is really the best.

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    No. Despite the fact that the lines between 1/3 world and no longer 1/3 world are closing due to technological know-how. 0.33 world nations in most cases have cell telephones and computers now. And increasingly jobs are outsourced to them. But if there's a line between first world and third world, the united states is most surely first world. There are unhealthy areas of the nation, it has perpetually been like that. And those bad areas have usually been blacks and up to date immigrants. But even the worst areas of the USA are than third world international locations. What number of men and women to your neighborhood die from starvation? Not malnutrition... Starvation? What number of die from very bodily apparent illnesses that could be cured for a $three prescription of penicillin?

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    No country is without problems. America has it's strong and weak points. Like manginaism and setting a woman straight isn't a problem in most third world countries. Others are interested in America because of $$$$.

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    I don't love America...I love Italy: in Italy the food is fantastic American "non sanno cucinare" (goggle translate Italian-enlish) , the weather is fantastic ,the people is fantastic Italy is the best country in the world.

    And wath do you think of italy

    Source(s): scuse me for my english bat i'm Italian and I don't know very well by by
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    It's not the best country in the world. We're not the worst, but we're not the best either. There are other places I'd like to live given the chance. I'd love to live in Australia or Canada.

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    It's subjective, what you like in a country is different from other people.

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    SMH get over yourself. That's one thing with Americans is that some of you have a superiority complex and think you're God's gift to humanity.

    But that your own opinion I guess.

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    I love these America bashers. They make me giggle.

    Here's a simple question for all of you who think America is just awful. If the United States is so terrible, why are so many trying to get in and so few trying to get out?

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    I don't think so, America has one of the worst immigration policies.

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    what america are you talking about because it sure as hell ain't the one on planet earth lol ohhhhh sarcasm i get you know

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