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What band, artist or musician saved your life?

I went through some pretty rough times in high school (as many people have and still do) and I actually attempted suicide several times, with no success (obviously). But one day I turned on Much Music (fuse) and caught ''For You'' by Staind. It hit so hard that I bought ''Break the Cycle'' as soon as I had the money. After listening to it until I knew every word, I began looking for a different way to solve my problems. I felt like I let go of my self loathing and self hating past and found new reasons to live. I just want to know who else has had this kind of experience and would be willing to share it. :)

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    certain music was there during life changes

    nights in white satin [ moody blues ]

    my sweet lord by the [ beetles ]

    om namah shivaya by [ muktananda ]

    the wall by [ pink floid ]

    bolero by [ ravel ]

    one united people by [ sun yan zi ]

    mummers dance by [ laurena mc kennitt ]


    the promise [ tracy chapman ]


    be thou my vision

    don't give up by [ kate bush and peter gabriel ]



    dreams are more precious


    book of days

    sleep song

    only time



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  • That is true..A music can save your life from the melody and most specially from the lyrics. It has the power to move a person's life. Because a good music was also created from the heart of an artist who's trying to convey with his/ or her soul energy as imparted. Most specially IF a certain music was being made to be organized by a group of musicians sending out altogether their heartful of spirits with their strong faith and love from the songs that they are conveying to so many others and into the world.

    Good for You that it worked that way too..! For me, it is "Enya" and the theme from the "Gladiator", and Loreena M. ..When I hear it, it's like a message of melody from the heavens.

    Then some livelier rhythms from the past also did a great job..: )

    Wishing You well..!!

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    My chemical romance and green day helped me via after I used to cut myself.... Then the arctic monkeys modified my existence I became more a poetic and quirky individual plus I learned new music because of them

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    Justin bieber & Amy Winehouse

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    Not particular artist, but mainly the composers of classical music.

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    Unwritten Law - got me through high school and college and pretty much every day after.

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    U2, and Rascal Flatts ('Moving on', an anthem to abused women if by accident).

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