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okay so basically, i got my braces off in may. i got 2 top retainers, one metal one, and one clear one. my orthodontist said that im only supposed to wear the clear one when i go to school or go out. i had been wearing both retainers 24/7 except for when i ate but in july i had surgery for my nose and because i didnt go out and i wanted to feel more comfortable, i didnt wear my clear retainer for more than a month and have only been wearing my metal one. i tried putting it in a few weeks ago but it hurt ALOT and took a while to put in. i did go to my orthodontist to explain it to him and he said i would need to buy a new one and when i asked him if i could try to wear it more often, he didnt exactly give me a straight up answer except for the fact that i need to continue wearing them for another 9 months but tonight, i decided to try and wear the clear one as much as possible so i could at least try to get used to it again and that maybe it would feel better since i start school tomorrow. it doesnt hurt as badly anymore but it did make my gums bleed alittle bit. also it kind of hangs in the back where my molars are and you can see some of it on my 2 front teeth. i was wondering if it would be okay to continue wearing it even though its alittle tight. will it make my teeth shift?? will it always be this tight when i put it back in? also if i were to not wear my retainers JUST FOR SCHOOL, would my teeth shift alot since i've been wearing them for the past 3 months regularly?

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    If your retainer still fits then that is a good sign. The pain will be your teeth moving back into the original position. It is strange because if your metal ones fit then your clear ones should really fit too. The only issue to worry about is if your retainer is to tight, it could push the teeth to quickly and possibly damage blood flow.

    However, I think you will be ok. It is just like wearing a brace again, your teeth will take time to adjust. Remember, retention is for life. You should continue to wear your retainers at night even after 9 months if you want to keep your teeth perfect.

    Good luck


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