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Dad calls me a failure in life...?

I recently graduated 2 months ago. Since then I've been applying for jobs online because that's how most jobs want you to apply now. I've had 2 interviews and I didn't get either job. My dad is constantly on my case about finding a job. That's understandable. I have been going to community college since he's paying for it. So I'm trying to do something positive. I'm not a trouble maker. I play videogames at the end of the day after school's done and I've applied to a few jobs. My dad expects me to get a high paying job and that's not realistic. with the way the economy is there are tons of people willing to take any job they can get. I just graduated from high school. Whenever I apply at fastfood and retail stores which is pretty much the only thing I have around my city he gets mad. The chances of me getting a high paying job with just a high school diploma are slim to done. My dad told me join the military but that's not what I wanna do. I wanna join the military becuase I want to and not because my dad said so. I've talked with a recruiter and I know they keep out certain things just to get you to join. My dad watches me like a vulture and stares at me as I do online applications. It makes me uncomfortable and not want to do them. My dad has overboard expectations that aren't realistic. I'm trying my best,but I'm so overstressed and Its hard for me to think. Every time I try to think about what I'm going to do with myself and the future I get interupted by all this family time. I try talking to him,but he doesn't listen. what did you do when you graduated? what would you do in this situation?

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    My dad used to be the same way, granted, I never finished high school but I got my g.e.d. My dad didn't pay for my university tuition nor does he pay for anything else that has to do with my education but he still expects so much out of me. I suggest you tell him how you feel and maybe he will lighten up a bit. I did with my dad and he lightened up a lot. He is now extremely supportive. I have had 4 interviews this month alone and still haven't gotten any calls back. He keeps my head up every time I come home disappointed. Your dad just wants you to be set in life, he doesn't want to leave this world knowing that his son isn't financially stable. Good luck looking for a job, hope things get better for you.

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