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Please Help. Swollen Ankles And Foot By Socks?

Hi. I need urgent help. About 2 days ago my socks became tight around both of my ankles and I only noticed later during that day that both had swollen. I figured that it had only just cut off circulation temporarily and would return to normal later, but it still hasn't. It's just really swollen with the left being a bit more. They don't hurt though. Also both my feet between the start of toe line to ankle is swollen. :( I've always worn these types of socks in the past and never had a problem like this before. And I'm not overweight. I'm average, male 21 5ft11 and weigh 11 stones so I don't think it's due to my weight. Also I've always been able to clasp my fingers around my ankles but I just tried it a few minutes ago and it's now impossible. Please help, what can I do to make it return to normal fast?

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    7 years ago
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    Could be a lot of things, from too much salt in your diet to heat exhaustion to congestive heart failure to...

    Personally, here's what I'd do before making a doctor's appointment -- and it will either work in a few days or it won't, in which case you need to see the doc:

    1) Drop as much salt from your diet as you can --- fresh, unprocessed foods instead of fast food and cold cuts. cut out the salty snacks.

    2) Push fluids -- plain old water is the best, but milk is ok. Three quarts/liters per day, minimum. Drink till you pee clear.

    3) Do ankle pumps. Point your toes and then pull your toes up towards your shins as much as you can, much like you're stepping on the gas pedal, then reaching for the brake pedal. Set an alarm for every hour you're awake and do it for a minute, or do a minute's worth everytime you come back from the bathroom.

    4) Go without socks or switch to a loose sock for a couple of days.

    5) Walk more. Not necessarily miles, but take a loop around the house or office every hour or so.

    6) Keep your feet up when you can -- footstool, recliner, box of printer paper under your desk.

    7) Avoid positions where your legs or feet are folded under you -- sitting crosslegged, or "Indian style", sitting on unpadded benches with sharp edges, etc.

    If things haven't vastly improved in 2-3 days, it's time to check in with your doctor. If you become short of breath or the swelling gets worse, stop the home treatment and see your doc.

    Source(s): old biologist
  • 7 years ago

    This could be Hodgkins Lymphoma. You need to get this checked immediately. As a baseball follower, i know whos injured with what and a former Red Sox first basemen started to get really swollen ankles. He put on 15 pounds in a week (so keep an eye out for weight gain), amd had painless swollen ankles. I hate to use this as an example, but its the only thing i could think of that soundec similar to this. (his name was anthony rizzo if you want to look up exactly what happened to him). Luckily, if in worst case scenario, you have it, it has nearly a 100% success rate (almost everyone with it is cured in about 6 months). It does require radiation, but is curable. Hopefully you dont have it, but to me, thats what it sounds like. I hate having to say this, but you may have cancer. I wiah you the best and good luck

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    7 years ago

    Either you chose the safe choice and go to a doctor to get your ankles checked or you risk it and put ice over it to reduce the swelling.

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