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What are three points that Andrew Hamilton made in the defense of John Peter Zenger?

I am writing an essay for my Ap History class and i need the three points plus an explanation and quotes that derive from Hamilton's defense.

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    Andrew Hamilton was born in Scotland in 1656. He was the Attorney General of Pennsylvania from 1717-1726.(1)

    At the trial in 1835, Andrew Hamilton argued that 1) free speech was a basic right of English people. He defended Zenger by 2) asking the jury to base its decision on whether Zenger's article was true 3), not whether Zenger's article was offensive.

    It took me 45 minutes to Figure Out this was Not (Our) Alexander Hamilton. I could Not understand Why we were discussing a trial, defended by a man who wasn't going to be born for another Twenty Years.

    IF you don't like This answer there are Many Others, as there are tons of accounts of this trial. Type in "Andrew Hamilton and John Zenger" at the top.

    Very Best Wishes on your paper.

    Source(s): (1) The Trial of John Peter Zenger - Federal Hall National Museum (2) Why did Andrew Hamilton defend John Zenger and free speech
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