What's a good aeg airsoft gun?

Im looking for a aeg around the 275-300fps range for under 80$ if you guys have any ideas i will take read any suggestions. thanks

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  • 7 years ago
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    Well as for a good AEG under $80 there is no such thing. That is just way to low a price. I don't know of any under $80 that even have a metal gearbox. I do know of one AEP. Basically an AEP is a small compact automatic pistol. In the case of the one i am talking about its sorta somewhere between a pistol and a sub machine gun. Anyway its made by JG witch i don't recommend there AEG's at all but on this little AEP they seem to have hit a home run. For $75 your going to get an all metal gun with a pretty good metal gearbox. also comes with battery and charger. FPS well its 280 at best usually crono in the 260's. Mag is a little small at 58 rounds but you can by a drum mag for $20 that holds 290 rounds. here is the link to it all first link is gun and second link is the extra drum mag.



    WELL also makes a VZ-61 but it is about half the quality of the JG and it has a plastic body. One perk of the Well brand is that it comes with 2 mags a stick mag and a drum if that interests you here it is.


    I know a lot of people think this gun is ugly but for your price rang these are the only guns on the market with a metal gear box and you do not want an automatic gun with plastic gears trust me.

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  • 3 years ago

    I am sorry to say that unless you catch an airsoft internet site for the period of a sale you're ordinarily no longer going to get a excellent gun for $100 or less. However for those who were willing to pay yet another $20-$30. You would get a JG Navy SEAL MP5 that shoots about 365fps. However otherwise I consider the only thing you could get for $a hundred is a Galaxy MP5 PDW. Which is not a foul weapon i have one and it was once my first gun. I'm now not one hundred% how rapid it shoots but I understand it's simply as imply as anything twice its dimension.

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