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Is High School gonna be okay?

I'm sorta nervous about High School. I know it'll be okay once I get used to it, but is it fun. This may sound stupid, what's the P.E. like? I'm not in the best shape. I really want to be though. I'm also worried about what the teachers will be like. Any input would be nice. Just as any new grade level you get kinda scared of what it's going to be like. I hope it'll be fun.

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    If PE is all you're worried about, join the cross country team. Trust me. It'll be good for you.

    Is High School gonna be okay?

    Well, you may or may not like this answer.

    High school can be okay. You have to make good choices.

    These happy middle school kids are all people I went to high school with.

    What do you suppose they think they'll be doing after high school?

    The first four are (in order) Derik Kraft, Collin Pfingsten, Dustin Groff, and Ryan Hull.

    Derik was a good kid. He came from a good home with good parents. He just hung around with the wrong people. Those four decided to break into some churches. They were arrested last Friday.

    The next guy is Brandon McCloy. He thought it would be cool to have sex with some little boys. Paid one of them a dollar for it.

    Some girls got in trouble for involvement in a prostitution ring. At least one of them in the picture is rumored to have been involved.

    The guy next to Brandon is Seth Rohde. He thought it would be a good idea to drive drunk.

    Next is Kaitlyn Bronson.

    Then, there's Dashia Kingston. She always seemed like she was on something.

    On the next row, there's Lacey Meinel. Little did she know that that would be her last school picture. Although she didn't make bad choices, this is what can happen when somebody else does.

    I will not name the next people.

    The Asian guy is a talented athlete. He'll eventually do drugs and get himself kicked off the football team.

    Next to him is a guy who will eventually start dealing drugs. People are drawn to him because he seems like a cool guy, but they often end up doing drugs too.

    The girl in pink will get pregnant her sophomore year.

    The first guy in the bottom row will get in trouble and be wearing an ankle bracelet to school for a year.

    The girl next to him is a nice girl, but she chose to hang with a bad guy who got her pregnant in high school. She now has to raise a baby boy by herself.

    The guy next to her will eventually get kicked out of high school, and I'm told is the one who got the previously mentioned girl pregnant.


    Choose your friends carefully. Make good choices. These things really do happen, and you will see them happening.

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    It's hard at first, but P.E is different. The some teacher can be rude. But it's hard at first then it get easy:)

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    High school is the best mtime of your life, new friends, new teachers, new academics, new challenges and to think after high school comes college, work, family- it is the start of life.

    Enjoy nit carefully and patiently

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    dude its normal

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