what do you think about my draft?

QBS- Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck ( Im aware of the danger in both these picks)

RB- Forte

RB- Peterson


WR-Roddie White

RB/WR Dwayne Bowe

FLEX- LeGarrette Blount

TE- Jacob Tamme

K- Garrett Hartley ( up in the air)

DP- Patrick Peterson

D- 49ers D

Bench-Luck Or Manning ( again im aware of the risk)

Bench- Malcom Floyd -WR

Bench-Davonne Bess WR

Bench- Cedric Benson- Picked him up after draft cause someone dropped him


Its a 12 man league, espn rules, no ppr

Update 2:

Alse i had the chance and still have the chance to pick up dreessen ... him and tamme are pretty close statistically but tamme has played with peyton before so i figured he would be targeted more

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  • 7 years ago
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    I like your WRs. Peterson might not produce right away, if you can I would pick up his back up, Toby Gerhart who will likely take the bulk of the carries there for the first 1-3 weeks. I would also look into replacing LeGarrette Blount. Good options who might be available in your league would be Jacquizz Rogers, Donald Brown, or maybe C.J. Spiller. You could also probably do better at Tight End. Joel Dreessen should be the better Bronco TE. You got the best Defense. Garrett Hartley should be a good kicker.

    I can't give you a definite score because I do not know how many people you have in your league, but I think your team could use some work.

  • nold
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    3 years ago

    So the draft is at 4 2day? nicely 4 isn't a reliable time 4 me 2morrow...I say at 5:30 is a sturdy time....4 me is that cool? I say 5 da earliest I quite have song prepare after college & i are not getting the completed week off like countless u men... basically Thursday & Friday off... So is 5 a cool time...I cud prolly be on 4:30 perhaps we see...

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