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The following guidelines are to be used when sending a wire transfer to Digi-KEY:

*Use code 12 for faster service.When code 12 is used,the bank will call us when the funds are received.

*Please notify us when a wire transfer has been sent so we can reserve stock for you.Those parts that are in stock will ship upon receipt of the funds.

Please be advised that when a wire transfer is made to our checking account,the following information must be given in order for the payment to be applied correctly:

*The company name used to place the order or quote.

*The invoice number,proforma invoice number,or salesorder number.

*The destination country of the order.

All wire transfer fees will be the responsibility of the sender.

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    *使用code 12以獲得比較快速的服務,當使用code 12 時銀行會電話告知我們若匯款已入帳。






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