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What is area 51 exactly?

Sorry, I actually just have no idea. I hear it's where aliens and stuff are kept. Is this true?


Why can't anyone go in there? They must be hiding SOMETHING. Why doesn't anyone know about it? If it's so secret......

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    Area 51 or by it's proper name Groom Lake Nevada.

    Special areas were set up in the desert North of Las Vegas in the early 50's by the Atomic Energy Commission. There are quite a few numbered areas and 51 is just one of them.

    All of the other areas were used by the AEC for atomic bomb testing.

    Area 51 was taken over by the CIA to develop and test the U2 Spy Plane and later the SR-71.

    Today Area 51 part of Nellis Air Force Base. It is where they test new advanced air craft and drones.

    It is a top secret military base just like other military bases. NO UFO's.

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    Groom Lake. "Everyone" can't just walk on to a regular military base. This is where projects like the SR 71, U2 and B2, F0117 were at least tested if not designed. Sure let anyone off the street go into an area that may have the next generation of aircraft etc. A picture or two won't hurt anyone.

    Source(s): Former member Canadian Primary Reserves Infantry
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    Area 51 is the poppular name for the Groom Lake Test center- which is in Nevada about 50 miles from las Vegas. The USAF has admited to testing aircraft like the SR-71, F-117 and even MiGs at Groom lake.

    In short any aircraft they want to keep secret.

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    Area 51 is a partial joke. On some military maps, grids are assigned numbers. Number 15 was the location of a runway dedicated to aircraft testing at an air base. It's a joke that was turned into some believing it is real.

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    It is a top secret area in the Nevada desert. Nutjobs think we have aliens out there. Sane observers believe it is a test area for new aircraft.

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    It's a government high security research center in Nevada. All sorts of stories about UFO"s and Alien's come out of there, but none are really confirmed. It's a big tourist attraction, but no entering the compound,just eye balling from across the wire fence line.

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    I believe it's just a place where the military tests out new technology. Its heavily guarded and if someone who isn't allowed to be there comes too close, they get shot. That's why some people think they're hiding something big.

    Source(s): That's my knowledge of it, anyway.
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    area 51 is a secret military place in nevada. Basically its by an unknown lake. ONLY MILITARY people are allowed to be there, if you happen to be in that property, you will be charge as tresspassing. Look it up on youtube, there's people who tried to go on the property and almost got caught!

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    That is true and for that very reason the exact location is secret.

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