Can you refinish an existing dresser with reclaimed wood?

I love reclaimed wood furniture, but it is very expensive. I am very crafty; however, woodworking is not my specialty. In an effort not to start from scratch, what is the best way to refinish an existing dresser with reclaimed wood? I would basically just be using it for the framework. Web links in particular would be appreciated. Also, where are the best local spots to acquire reclaimed wood? Thanks!


To clarify: I am not confident that I can build a dresser from scratch so I want to use an existing dresser as the framework and overlay it with reclaimed wood. I suppose "overlay" is the best way to explain it. I would, of course, strip down the existing dresser to its bare bones before doing so.

I am in the Chicagoland area, but my request was not for a specific location for reclaimed wood, but rather the types of places to seek out in any area.

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  • 8 years ago
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    It isn't clear to me what you want to do. "Refinish" usually means to re-do the surface finish, as in paint, stain, varnish. Where does reclaimed wood come into that? As for where the best local place is to find reclaimed wood, how can anyone tell you that when you do not say where you are?

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    5 years ago

    I took woodshop and loved that class, so if I were you I'd do this: 1. Sand it w/100 to 150 grit sand paper, this will get all the stain off so you can start fresh 2. Get the color of stain you would like at a hardware store and just get a paint brush but get paper towels to wipe away the excess stain do about 2-3 layers then LIGHTLY sand again w/220 grit sand paper 3. To get it all nice and shiny get clear coat then once that dries again LIGHTLY sand but this time use 600 grit sandpaper 4. You may use wax but I personally don't like to I know this sounds like a long process but its worth it in the end! You can get all the supplies at a hardware store (Ace hardware for example). If you need anything else just e-mail me! ~Katie

  • 8 years ago

    if you can get the wood planed down or ripped to about 1/4" thenyou could use construction adheasive and pin tacks or very small nails to hold it on

    paint dresser black first so if there's and spaces between or cracks showing through wher you'd see old paint showing through it'll just be dark

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    plastic wood fixes all.

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