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Anyone with sun in 8th or pluto in 1st?

If so, how do you guys deal with the effects of these rough a'ss positions? It's literally unbearable.


Almost Happy - Ty for the comment :) x

Update 2:

Been There - Thanks for the comment. I really hope I can grow from all of this crap. I've literally been struggling and dealing with the most intense life crises from the age of 6 years old, when most kids were thinking about ice cream and sand boxes... I don't think sun in 8th truly ever finds happiness only until they die. Quit tragic in my opinion.

Update 3:

"Remember always that the chart does not control you UNLESS you hand over control of yourself (control, in this usage, refers to being self-aware and conscious of your inner processes, and to making decisions about which way your processes are going to propel you, instead of blindly allowing them to push you around).

In astrology, we say, "The stars impel. They do not compel"."

I love that.

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    Been there gave you some excellent insight, I'd like to add some thoughts....I have Pluto conjunct Mars in the first...and didn't really feel comfortable with this till I was past 30...never felt like I "fit in," anywhere. My mind was full of observations, feelings, insights, and questions, constantly reminding me there was much more to life than most people ever thought about.

    It was as if I was inside a capsule looking out at everyone else, and connecting with no one. Thank God for my spiritually "evolved" mother, the arts and some close family. It can be a lonely feeling, yet, after "schooling" I learned it was okay to be different.. actually, it was better than okay.

    There's a quality of evolution that is personal with Pluto in the first house. You'll need to learn who you are, develop values, purpose, substance, all on your own, in your own way and time through experiences, travel and literally following your heart....this becomes like a guiding star. Wherever your North Node is, keep that in mind as you chart your course in life. I'm a Libra and with a South Node in Libra, means I have to be more like Aries myself, no pleasing others or compromising for the sake of calm or peace.

    It would have been nice to have appreciated all of "this" earlier. Being able to "be yourself," is a gift, (that's hard enough to learn how to do) to the point that others notice this quality, want to learn how to be themselves, and to emulate you...It's your nature to speak and to seek. At least that's how it has worked out for me. As human beings, we all come into a lifetime with a purpose. When a chart has Pluto in the first, it is a new time for the evolution of your soul. Give yourself a chance to enjoy the gift as you re-discover (in depth) who you really are.

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    I was born with Sun, Jupiter and Venus in the 8th house and Pluto in the 1st house. I`m a Gemini with Scorpio Rising.

    They may seem difficult positions to handle, but they are better than you can be thinking they are right now. For myself they give me much needed strenght to carry on. Life isn`t easy, but it`s hard when you have no determination.

    You may feel alienated from time to time but that`s also what makes you realize how many things are wrong in this world.

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    All astrologers, learners and experienced, must preserve this rule in intellect: KISS or "preserve it easy foolish" (that is the quality means of placing it). You do not have 23 major features except the orbs are so extensive as to make them meaningless, The Moon is not surely the ruler of your chart both. Let's settle down a little and support you read this chart sensibly. Rule 1) aspects should not the be all finish all of a chart, but when you insist on preserving that opinion, do your self a prefer and restrict your features to the majors (conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition) and restrict the orb to about 4 degrees. I might also ignore "out-of signal" facets, i.E. Aspects between planets that don't fit the signs. For instance Leo and Scorpio are square, however it's feasible for one planet to be in early Leo and another virtually 120 degrees away in late Scorpio. That's not a trine since a trine is harmonious and Leo and Scorpio aren't harmonious signs. At some point to your astrological reviews you may want to incorporate this sort of factor, but as a beginner it must be avoided to keep matters simple. The equal is correct for orbs. You probably have three or 4 tight features you can do more useful interpretation with that than that you could with 23 points cluttering matters up for your chart and to your mind. Simplify. 2) The inspiration that the "chart ruler" is and can also be nothing but the home ruler of the ASC is, good senseless. You want your chart ruler to be "in charge." If the ASC ruler is weak, because the Moon in Gemini within the twelfth is weak, it can be no good as a chart ruler. To find the strongest planet within the chart, on your case that's in most cases Venus in Pisces within the 9th, and work with that. Your Moon is a quandary. We don't put the hindrance child accountable for the category; we train him. You say you're the wall flower writing for your pocket book and that i anticipate no longer participating in life. That is an pleasant description of Moon in Gemini in the 12th ruling the ASC. So as to spoil freed from the lifestyles you got (ruler of the ASC) grasp preserve of Venus in Pisces (exaltation) in the 9th (higher mind) and make conscious efforts to make use of those energies positively. Be taught Venus in Pisces and get with it, otherwise you are going to invariably be the wallflower. You don't seem to be caught with that. It simply comes naturally. Positive change requires effort. Specifically else along with your astrology reports, hold it simple. All these minor features, asteroids, and different stuff are just clutter. When you get interested in those matters down the avenue, first-class, but in the beginning KISS. You can learn extra faster. We don't be taught to force at the Indy 500. Good success together with your reviews.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I have Sun - and FOUR other planets in the 8th house.

    Scorpio Rising, Pluto conjunct the Midheaven.

    The 8th house is the house of the joint expectations you and your spouse have from each other. You have two options as to how you handle the 8th house ... you either fight tooth and nail with your spouse over the differences in what one expects and the other wants to give ... or you use that situation to look inside, change and grow.

    The 8th house is the house of beginnings and endings, and that includes self-transformation. You really DO have the opportunity to overcome all negative unconscious issues and to grow, as per your 8th house. And to have planets in there ... that gives you even more potential.

    But whether or not you use it is up to you.

    I was married once for 15 years, and now married for 23+ years. In both relationships, unresolved issues between us have transformed me, in ways that have made me a both a better and happier person.

    If you have any planets in the 8th house, look to any sextiles or trines that other planets make to that 8th-house planet. These show you how your 8th house can work with other inner needs, producing that self-growth. You can also look at whatever planet rules the sign on the cusp of your 8th house .. IT's sign, house and aspects.

    Even squares and opposition aspects can be worked with ... it just doesn't come as automatically and you have to be more self-aware and work more on it.

    Remember always that the chart does not control you UNLESS you hand over control of yourself (control, in this usage, refers to being self-aware and conscious of your inner processes, and to making decisions about which way your processes are going to propel you, instead of blindly allowing them to push you around).

    In astrology, we say, "The stars impel. They do not compel".

    Sweetie, I didn't start being happy until I turned 30. I had to take over control of who was responsible for me being happy, and stop giving my control over to outside circumstances or people. Yes, I DID suffer until I reached that point.

    I make it sound like it was a decision, and to some extent that's all it took. But it also took some cognitive strategies to be able to make that decision stick. Cognitive-behavioral psychology does a good job of providing strategies. So does Buddhism. But CB psychology is a lot faster.

    Good luck. Remember that we make our own unhappiness. The trick is to catch ourselves in the act!

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I have Sun in the 8th & strong Pluto & hate it. I just don't see anything good about it. I wish I can help,but idk how...maybe try to focus on the rest of your chart & on the other good things/aspects/placements.

    Your welcome & good luck

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