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How will you know if a certain "BOOK" is a novel? ?

OK so we have a book report due next week and I still DONT have a book :) our theme is :Philippine Novels and the rule was No borrowing of books or No one in the class should have a same book in common . My mom bought this book "Ang Munting Prinsipe" and when I told my friends that Twas my book they all said that its not allowed because the author is French and the book was just translated to Tagalog because its original title was "The Little Prince"? I think .. Soo yeah please help me :3

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    A novel is any work of fiction other than a short story. I don't think there's any official definition about how long it has to be. But I'm inclined to agree that if this book was originally written in a different language it's not a "Philippine Novel".

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