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How to protect my computer from hackers?

I have been receiving threats from a hacker. Saying he knows my ip, address, zip code, etc. He also says he is going to hack into my computer "mainframe". What is that? What can I do to protect myself? Honestly, I'm scared. It's no random threat either, it's from a person who hates me because I want nothing to do with them anymore.

Please, anything you know would be extremely appreciated.

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    security is in layers

    1 hardware based firewall aka stateful

    make sure and filter unknown mac's

    turn your wireless off

    use ethernet cables

    2. software firewall

    sudo apt-get install firestarter

    configure firestater - there are guides online

    3. antivirus

    sudo apt-get install clamtk

    -its free and open source cross platform

    4. encryption

    encrypt your home direclty - when installing set as "true"

    download truecrypt and encrypt your entire drive

    *make "cryptainers" to drop your files into

    5. iptables!!!!

    sudo ufw enble

    6. broswer

    install "noscript" into firefox

    install ghostery into firefox

    7. install openvpn onto the computer and configure

    8. Intrusion Detection

    its called "aide" or advanced intrusion detection environment - library

    9. harden your kernal

    look in the ubuntu software center and search "harden" this software package will allow you to configure your computer kernal and harden vs unknown attackers.

    10. hardened os install

    read all of it its so useful

    11. use your computer just as hardware -

    If my computer were to catch fire would i lose anything but hardware? no..

    the data is more imporant then the hardware so always back up your data to an external drives and make 2 copys of each file. you can use a service to auto backup files for you called "ubuntu one" for free.

    12. selinux

    this hardens your computer in many many ways

    take a read and

    sudo apt-get install selinux

    or get the library from the ubuntu software center

    13. system audets

    go threw and scan your system with rootkit detction software and look for unknown running services

    check system logs

    14. known programs that cause system insecurity

    uninstall flash

    uninstall java

    check system with and scan ports

    turn off remote acess

    turn off remote ssh

    15. I know your a windows user and do not disregard what i have wrote. Take into consideration that windows has MASSIVE SECURITY ISSUES!!!

    16. sudo apt-get update

    configure your "update manager" to check your security packages hourly and make sure to install and reboot if necessary. Since my systems are rebootless its not necessary.

    Only boot into your windows partition or computer for services that cannot run on ubuntu or linux distos

    ubuntu is way more secure then windows any day

    so recap:

    ubuntu for:

    web/office/games/picture editing/media/secure tasks


    video editing / photoshop / steam client

    people program virues have gotten so advaned there's a term for the new virues called "fud" or fully undetectable

    never run wine under sudo as even on linux they can be cross platform and wine will never sandbox those programs.

    When your in windows disable programs that are not nessary as some programs have explotes people can explote to access your system.

    always keep your system up todate with security packages - windows and ubuntu

    If your windows partition does become remote accessed you can use your linux system on the same computer to wipe the virus and do a secure boot.

    best of luck!

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    it does not matter if someone has your ip address since you show it when ever you connect to a website. At most they know who your isp is. so dont worry about it.

    if you feel your in physical danger contact the police or the fbi should be your first step then when your mind is clear and stress free work on your computer. feel free to pm me @ my youtube account if you encounter any problems hardening your system.

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    Clean your computer of cookies, spyware, trojans, malware, and any other infection. Then change all the passwords to any account set ups that you have online.

    Make sure that your computers firewall is top of the line. Not some generic junk. When it comes to your computers protection you always want the best especialy when tax season comes around.

    Don't want a hacker getting your social security do you?

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