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What are your views on Ecuador giving Julian Assange asylum?

I feel he has no chance in actually arriving in Ecuador with the British government threatening to arrest him if he leaves the embassy.

Hopefully when this question does post, there are some intelligent people that are aware of current events on polls. Which is highly unlikely.

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  • Steve
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    8 years ago
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    In reality I doubt ecuador was going to grant asylum.

    Assange did have fair british trial on the extradition. And no matter how absurd the extradition is, it is a serious foreign issue, and most nations, including Ecuador, wish to supper this law of international extradition. In fact, Assange isn't' charged with a crime, he has an arrest warrant for questioning.

    However, Assange's request was based on the premise, which he couldn't prove, that he had no real chance of getting a fair trial and this was just a farce intended to lead him to the USA and ultimately torture and death. That he in fact is a legitimate news professional and this reaction is intended to stifle free press.

    But, then England did the most stupid thing in Diplomatic history. They told Ecuador by letter that they had legal power to well, put it in vivid realization, storm the ecaudoran embassy by force, shoot anyone who opposes them, kill as many ecuadorans as possible, including the ambassador and his family, and take assange dead or alive. Now that's dramatic, but that's how it was received.

    So of course, Ecuador had no choice but to say yes to Assange, as the UK proved his point.

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  • 8 years ago

    Ecuador's action is Assange's best chance of obtaining justice. It's a very complicated state of affairs.

    There's a very good documentry about it:

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  • 8 years ago

    They should get a helicopter to take him to freedom, and yes i'm quite aware of what's going on :)

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