How To DPS As Rogue Nightelf?

(lol 've cleary never been a rogue ( combat*nightelf by the way)), my last was a warrior.for warrior dps In dungeons i stayed behind the tank, gave him a second to get aggro, then attacked from the side or back. on the rare occastion my tank lost aggro for a second i would flee back a few feet so he could reclaim it. It worked fine, but i'm not sure how to approach dpsing as a rogue. I did deadmines today, and i wasnt sure how to go about everything

1. When is it nessisary to stealth?/ when is it not

3. the combo points thing has be a bit confused, i heard use sinister strike until 5 points then use finishing moves, but does that mean i cant use kick ?

4. if i attrack aggro should i just shadowmeld? ( nightelf)

So basicaly, can you tell me what exact a nightelf combat rogue should do to tackle a dungeon with others? thinga i shouldn't do?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Combat rogue isn't as DPS-heavy as the other two specs, but it's good for soloing too, so I'd say keep it - that's what I use, and it kicks some butt. :)

    Overall, your warrior tactics will hold true - get behind it, stab it, and if you draw aggro, wait until the tank reasserts aggro. You can hit evasion to make it easier to survive if you need it, and there's a feint ability (can't recall when you get it) that you can use periodically to reduce aggro. Shadowmeld and vanish will drop all aggro, but the cooldown is long, so use them as a last resort, feint should go first. Worst case scenario, some of the things in dungeons can be blinded, but that likely won't last long, especially if the tank is hitting it. As a side note, an add-on like Omen might not be bad, just to stay on track for aggro.

    Stay in stealth in you're not fighting - it opens more options for you. You can use distract to slow a patrol (handy when you need to time stuff), sap for CC, and get some good starting moves.

    Kick when necessary - your tank should be able to shield bash to interrupt, but you're there to back up the tank or cover when shield bash is on cool-down. It'll likely take precedence over any combo moves. You first priority should be slice & dice, it'll up your overall DPS. Then, use rupture to get a bleed going - you'll find that more useful in dungeon fights. Sinister strike is good for mobile targets, or if you don't have a main-hand dagger, otherwise use backstab - it's a more efficient move. You don't *need* to wait for five combo points to unleash a finishing move, but I'd say at least get 3 in.

    Source(s): 85 night elf combat rogue.
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