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? asked in PetsDogs · 9 years ago

What to do about my deceasd sisters bf. stalkn me cuz i took my sisters dogs.?

Ok. well. my sister of 25 died under very suspicius conditions wile she had her bf. moved n with her. they were only 2gether 4 8 months. theres nuthn we kan do to prove he had sumn to do wit it but even law bleves he did. but neway. my sis. kud not hav kids so nstead she got dogs. 3 of them. wich were her babys anp they ment more to her then nethng. wel a cupl weeks after she died i moved n to her house with her bf. for the dogs and only the dogs. she livd n that hous 4 2 years b4 the bf moved n. he moved n with nuth. the furnitur evrythng n that hous was my sisters not his. he is a lowlife that my sister wantd to help. thats how she was. she got wit these lowlifes to try n help them. she had the bigges heart. wntd to help evry1 but herrelf. but neway. bout 4 months after she died he movd n sum gurl with 5 kids n i kudnt take it. i kud never sleep kuz of the screamn babys n had to b at work each mrn at 6. so i found my own place. i kudnt tel him i was movn kuz he wuda takn the dogs and wuda hid them frm me. so the day of the move i put the dogs n my kar and took em to new place n then wnt bak to get my stuf. includn al my sisters thngs furniture ect and told him then. he wudnt say a word to me then. wel after i was done and al my and my sis stuf was at my place he starts blown up my fone wit threats. like i stole his dogs wich he was only n there lives for 8 months and n mine since they wer born. and i no w.o. a doubt my sister wud not want them wit him. he wud never take them out feed them or even klip there nails. i did. and al that gurl he movd n wud do was abuse them. even hurt one of there legs to where she kudnt walk for several days. wel his harrasment wnt on for a few weeks but once he found nut legaly ther was nuthn he kud do is wen he startd thretnen to steal them. sayn hed get them bak no mater wat he had to do. wel i didnt want him to no where i liv kuz i work n dnt wnt him stealn the dogs. wel last nite he sens me a txt sayn to kme to my kar he has bag of toys 4 the dogs. i had no idea how he found out where i live. wel hes ben folown me frm my job to my house stalkn me to find out where i live. also n the bag wer choclate kupcakes. wich choc. wil kil dogs. n i thnk he dnt no i new that n was tryn to kil them thnkn wel if i kant hav them either kan he. and now im scared to kme home frm work n the dogs b gone.and wats krayz is he bleves he shuda gotn evythng f my sisters. and is entitled to the dogs. and im the wrong - 3or takn them and her svf. my sis was my best dnd. he was nuthn to her but a bf for 8 mnths. ther so mubi i kud tel u bot him thats horibl but thir is alrdy long. he always says my sistep is cryn heaun n hates me 4 this. wat do i do to make sure my sisters baybs that i love mre then nethng arnt stoln by this nut

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  • 9 years ago
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    I did not read all that either. To hard to figure out what you are saying with all the misspelled words. BUT "What to do about my deceasd sisters bf. stalkn me cuz i took my sisters dogs.?" If someone is stalking you call the police and make a complaint. Put him under an order of protection.

    Add to the list, sorry if any repeats.

    While, in, together, there's, nothing, can, something, with, believes, anyway, could, have, instead

    okay, I can't go any farther, it's giving me a headache.

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    telephone the police, NOW! in spite of the fact that in the event that they might't do something, a minimum of they are conscious of the project if something occurs interior the destiny. Is there besides you need to get a flatmate or a male pal to come back n stay with you for a at the same time as? a minimum of you will possibly experience somewhat extra secure. Is there something you're able to do to the canines so if he steals them you are able to tutor they are yours? Microchipping etc? a minimum of in case you tell the law enforcement officers, if he does scouse borrow them they have been pre warned n will provide help to get the canines decrease back. He looks like a nutter, be careful. Oh, and be sure you write each and every thing down, any touch, dates, circumstances etc, shop texts etc. a minimum of in case you prefer a restraining order, you have particular info and information of his stalking and threats etc. sturdy success :)

  • 9 years ago

    Honestly I don't want to read it . Why because i am not going to read that much chat speak that is annoying. For stalking call the cops.

    Oh and sorry about your loss.

    *stolen* *suspicious* *nothing* *can* *something* *with* * believes* *lived* okay the list goes on and on.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sorry, I got through only a couple of sentences. If you want to re-post using proper ENGLISH so it's easy to read, you'll likely get more people willing to read through your novel and offer help.

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