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Christians,Is John MacArthur sermons&books a good place to start for a Christian to begin the journey of faith?

Of course, I have a Bible which is the PRIMARY source

But, I am NOT very new to Christianity

I was a Christian who had read almost the whole of new testament (including gospels)..So, Bible is not something very new to me..

But I strayed from my faith for few years...and wish to begin it afresh

Since, I already knew Bible to some extent, I am looking for some quality pastors whose teachings to follow

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    Honestly, you could not choose a better source of Christian teaching than John MacArthur. I would recommend you go to the Grace to You website where you can listen to 40 years worth of sermons for free. No one explains the scriptures better than John MacArthur.

    Also check out Alistair Begg from Truth for Life, Bob Coy from Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, James Merritt from Touching Lives, Tony Evans from The Urban Alternative, David Jeremiah from Turning Point, and Greg Laurie from Harvest Ministries. A google search should get you to each one.

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    "C" We are Roman Catholic of the Crucified Christ. We are the originator of Christians. Our ancestor died being thrown to the lions on the Circus in Rome, for being Christians our ancestors additionally hung at the go once they Hung Our Lord at the Cross. Peter our first Pope hung at the go by way of the toes considering he wasn't valuable to hold as they hung Our lord (His possess emotions). The Catholic Faith has long gone by way of plenty of historical past to simply come to a decision we're incorrect in our ideals It's quite tough to love a few one that maintains bashing you and we do flip the opposite cheek. But you'll handiest flip such a lot we must talk out. This Macarthur fellow is delusional in his notion, he is not charismatic so he leaves anything to be favored, and I wager the ones men and women in entrance are superimposed to make it seem like they're there while it is simply an phantasm so he would make this video, considering no person might come to his lecture. I would not placed it beyond him. what a option to make a greenback. He quite charged for those men and women to look him, He most of the time demands a brand new mansion, or a few diamond jewellery. Or perhaps a few alligator sneakers and a mohair swimsuit. God bless you. BTW it rings a bell in my memory of a track!!!!

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    I agree with much of what he has to teach. Especially the fundamentals of the faith.

    My suggestion is to pray and ask God to lead you to good teachers, books, and sermons. Sometimes you can get some really profound teaching from some lesser well known teachers.

    Hook up to iTunes, and search through Christian podcasts!

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    Bible philosophy : dont follow - LEAD

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    no. genesis is the best place to start. learn what the bibles actually says. not what some other man says that it says.

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