MacBook Pro 512gb ssd Replacement Hard Drive?

The hard drive in my MacBook Pro 13" crapped out today, so I went to the Apple Store. He told me it was beyond repair so I either need to replace the hard drive or buy a new laptop.

I would like to purchase a 512gb solid state hard drive to install. The Apple 512gb ($999) is a little too expensive for me, but the Crucial m4 512gb ssd ($400) and Samsung 830 series 512 gb ssd ($542) have gotten great reviews.

Which 512gb solid state would you suggest, or what other options exist that may be better? I'm mostly concerned with ease of multitasking, overall performance, and cost efficiency.

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  • Craig
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    8 years ago
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    I have a few SSD drives and have installed a few too in customer computers. I have had no problem with the crucial drives (have 2 myself and a crucial adrenaline and installed about 5-6) or the corsair drives (3 or 4) but have not used any Samsung drives so cant comment on them.

    Crucial tend to be reliable in my experience

  • 4 years ago

    Would purchase a outside tough force with 1TB since that i've one for my desktop that has a 300gb interior an a 7TB outside. Here's what my computing device i am engaged on. ATM i am setting up my possess computer an all. Asus pro mother board-500$ 64GB ram- 400-500$ I7 6cores 600$ 3 ati Readon hd 7000 cards - 300$ 1200w power provide unit -300$ Liquid cooling with koolance-one hundred$ 7 led 120mm lovers whole 300$ Case breathable and trendy better then alien ware.- 200$ Thermal paste -200$ internet connection an sound card-500$ that's what i'm saving for an plan to be constructing. And i am utilizing it to run a server for a social group or games And for gaming on. Oh and a 3tb tough pressure 200$. Add that up.... Il be working my tail off for three years for 5000$ for my dream desktop.

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