Can anyone recommend me a reliable airsoft gas blowback pistol?

In the last 2 years I've bought 2 gas blowback pistols from HFC (USP and M9) and both have failed miserably due to cheap metal parts and I've stayed away from gas guns since then. A week ago I ordered a KWA Mac11 NS2 because KWA is a good high end brand, right? Nope not for me, that thing broke within 1,500 shots due to again CHEAP constructed parts.

I do take care of these gas guns after every few uses. I always disassemble and lube them properly but I never had any luck with reliability of these gas guns.

Trying to keep this short, can anyone recommend me a SEMI AUTO gas blowback pistol?

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  • Sean
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    7 years ago
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    I feel your pain man, I have been in the game for almost 8yrs and have gone through every airsoft gun category other than AEP. The universal truth is that most airsoft guns out there are build horribly and any airsoft gun that can stand the test of time is in-affordable, at least for me. I know there are some GBBs worth recommending... I have this one and it hasn't given me trouble in the 3 months I've had it I have handled this gun, friend owns it, and have taken it apart. Its build very durably (he didn't know what was wrong with it, just needed lubing)

    I'm not going to recommend anything I haven't seen ever used

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  • 7 years ago

    The reason your kwa mac 11 broke was because it's a 140 dollar gas gun. It was made for a beginner. I have had over 10 kwa guns and all were amazing. Kwa is the best brand on the airsoft market. Just the mac 11 isn't a good gun. I currently use their m9 ptp which is in my opinion their best pistol they have made. Just go to kwa's website and look at all their gbb pistols. Every one is good. My friend has the usp tactical which is pretty awesome. I used to have the mark 2 1911 and atp (glock) both were great. With kwa's though, use .25 bbs and lube it up when you get it. Here's kwa's website.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    KWAs auto pistols aren't as good as their semi autos

    i would suggest checking out their USPs and 1911

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