Christians/Muslims: Is this the way Zakhir Naik defeats in the debate? christ raised fromd dead or not?

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I am going to give a proof for Jesus died and resurrected from dead with his body and bones. before that let me explain how Zakhir Naik deafeats the people. more
Update : cryptic@
what kind of proof do u want?
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  • John answered 2 years ago
Zakir naik is a showman and charlatan. ignore him. He once claimed that the evaporation process was 'clearly described' in the quran by reeling off a load of verses to his captive audience. Unfortunately for Naik, someone checked the verses that he reeled off from memory and , yes, NOT ONE, described the evaporation process in detail and with clarity. Hilarious.

He is a worthless piece of *****. Frankly, I am utterly surprised that any muslim would have anything to do with him.

He'd be better off doing cabaret.


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we believe that Jesus raised from dead with body and bones.
To prove that Jesus did not die Zakir Naik said "see, Jesus ate fish, do spirits have bones and flesh?? he did not die! Even his desciples touched him. Jesus ahs body. so it is proved that Jesus did not die"....
How fool zakir naik is!
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  • Ksh answered 2 years ago
    i am sorry, But Zakir naik never fails in a debate.
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  • cryptic_non_sequitur answered 2 years ago
    Belief is not proof ...
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  • Alexis De tocqueville answered 2 years ago
    Do you have any clue what you are talking about?
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