Senior Citizens!, did you ever wear "Hand me down clothes"?...?

I never did, being an only child!, but did wear some second hand clothes

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    7 years ago
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    yep still am. shame yours wont fit me Thomas'

  • 7 years ago

    I didn't wear "hand me downs" as I was the eldest & my 2 sisters ended up with some of mine.We were also taught to sew & knit at a very young age so made our own skirts,dresses etc & knitted jumpers & cardigans for many years right up to adulthood.

    My only second hand clothes were part of my school uniform when I won a scholarship to a posh school after my 11 plus & my mother could not afford all of the compulsory uniform.My father had left us by then,this was in the mid-fifties.

    I can remember being made to feel humiliated at having a second-hand blazer & this was by fellow pupils & one or two of the teachers.Most of the girls were there as paying pupils.

    My mother even made my six blouses in the "special" material they had to be made of as she couldn't afford to buy them outright & also the six summer dresses I had to have.

    Thankfully,she also took me away from that school after a year & I went to a different grammar school but all that uniform was wasted.

  • Power
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    7 years ago

    My brother was several years older than me so no.

    I had neighbors who gave me things and I loved it. The gave me a yellow rain coat with a hood. I have a while raincoat like that now & it is my favorite coat to wear. I think they gave me these plastic boots you put over your shoes. I was about age 4. I wanted to wear them everyday. My mother did not understand me.

    It's funny cause I have a picture of my son with his boots on just like the ones I loved to wear. He would go out in the back yard everyday and wear his boots. I guess it was muddy out there. I had people always giving me clothes & toys for my kids so I didn't have to buy anything.

    Then the style for my kids was shoes that cost a $100 like Michael Jordan shoes. I really struggle with the age of materialism. I think the world economy is not only going to improve but get better than ever. I hope people who want to live the simple life/wear second hand clothes continue to be respected and those that want expensive new things are equally respected. Shame should go out of style.

  • 7 years ago

    Strange thing Thomas. I was in Wall Mart yesterday and saw pants on display that had holes in them and some were sewed up and worn. I thought someone had gone into the fitting room and wore new cloths out and put theirs on the rack. Come to find out they are sold like that. When I was a teen in the 50's, my mom did laundry for other folks. One lady had a son about 2 years older than me and when his blue jeans started to fade a little, she would buy him new ones and give my mom his old ones for me to wear. I didn't mind wearing them the rest of the way out. If I wanted to wear 'used' looking cloths, I would go to the Salvation Army or Good Will and get them for $3 a pair instead of paying $20 for new ones that looked just like what Good Will throws out!

    Source(s): Honey, look what someone left on the rack!
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  • Not hand me downs, but often second hand, or home made. All knitwear was unravelled and wool used for bigger jumpers as I grew.. Once I had a yellow & brown striped sweater, I looked like a wasp, but never complained, at least I was warm in winter. No designer labels in these days, and I still would not pay the price for a designer label.

  • 5 years ago

    I have always refused to wear hand-me-downs, preferred to make my own clothes if push came to shove. I had to wear my sister's dress just once and disliked every second of that social event for which I still have pictures and remember that.

  • 7 years ago

    As growing girls, six in a line...two/three years apart...we used to outgrow frocks sooner than those could wear off.

    Yes, we got clothes that were broken in by sisters :))

    These days of small families, my main problem is how to dispose off perfectly good clothes that children discard after a few times ! I hate wasting a good thing...

  • Duffer
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    7 years ago

    Yes I did, from my 5 years older brother. The clothes were not just hand-me-downs but grossly old fashioned by the time they fitted me. I loathed them.

    BTW if you were wearing second-hand clothes, they were hand-me-downs from someone, surely

  • 7 years ago

    No. I was an 'only' too! I seem to remember a second hand winter uniform coat when I was at an independent school. It was Harris tweed, the hem was just knee length and it gave me a nasty rash behind my knees. My mother never understood that I was and still am allergic to wool!

  • Halia
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    7 years ago

    Not too much as I was the first girl after they had 3 boys. My mom made most of my clothes and they were passed on to my younger sister.

  • 7 years ago

    Yes, I wore hand me downs, I had 2 older sisters.

    They were 5 and 7 years older then me so sometimes the outfits were slightly dated, I was also much taller then the eldest one and sometimes my mother had to let the hems out and take things in.

    There was a family on our street that had 13 kids. We used to gather up our clothing every 6 months or so and my mom would give it to the mom down the st.

    I am a bit of a clothes horse these days although I do buy things second hand if I find the right outfit.

    I never buy second hand shoes or undergarments.

    My mom used to always makes sure I had a few brand new outfits I got to pick out myself at the beginning of every school year.

    She sometimes would sew a jumper or two for me and mix up my hand me downs with newer styles.

    If something was beyond hope, thankfully she wouldn't make me wear it or even give it away, it would go straight into her rag pile.

    Forgot a jumper in the UK is a sort of sweater, my jumpers were more like a shift dress that was worn on top of a crisp white shirt or turtleneck sweater.

    Usually I always got a new winter coat but for a couple years I wore my 2 sisters winter coats as I grew into them.

    Our grandfather had sent away to Germany for these 3 winter coats, one for each of us.

    They were so warm and of good quality that I wore my older sisters coats when they fit me.

    One had a fur collar on it, really nice for a child's coat.

    What ever second hand things I wore they were always fresh, clean and well ironed, maybe just a bit out of fashion.

    When my eldest sister took a part -time job while going to college at age 17, she bought me a really "Mod" outfit with go-go boots out of her first paycheck.

    I was only 10 but looked so "groovy" in my new outfit.

    She said she wanted to make it up to me for sometimes looking like a goof ball in my old outfits.

    A few years later when I was 13, 14 or there abouts, it was great having 2 older sisters with so many outfits to chose from.

    If I wasn't acting the brat and promised to to part of their share of the housework they would let me wear their "grown up outfits to school.

    I didn't dare rip them or spill anything on them or I would have to get a clobbering when I got home.

    Many girls at school thought I had so many clothes, little did they know I was washing dishes and sweeping floors every day to be able to wear my sisters clothing.

    I missed my sisters when I got to HS as they moved out and I had to wear what I could throw together myself, lucky for me the "Hippie" look was in fashion by then, I did buy second hand clothing on purpose and by that time my parents wanted to buy me new things, Can't win sometimes.

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