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why did my 2 baby ball pythons die?

Hi, first let me say that i am 16 years old and i did intensive studying on snakes and reptiles before i got one. I know alot about how to care for them and i have experience with handling other peoples snakes. i finally got my first snake about 4 weeks ago, on july 21st. i bought that baby ball python from PetSmart and named him Kennedy, i loved my Kennedy so much and he passed away on August 12th about a week ago. I was and still am completely devastated about it. The whole 3 weeks i had him, he didnt eat. Everything in his cage was right, temperature and everything. However i handled him very often so i was told he might have died from stress.

A week ago i went back to PetSmart and brought Kennedy back and got another baby ball python and named this one Roger. The day i got Roger he ate (at Petsmart). i havent handled him very much at all in fear he would die from stress. Today i attempted to feed him a frozed thawed pinkie (same thing i tried with Kennedy) and he didnt eat. Roger lives at my Moms house and im at my dads right now but my older sister just went over there and saw him flipped over in his cage upside down and dead. i tried to call petsmart but they are closed.

I am very proud of myself that i did so much research on snakes, especially ball pythons before i got one. i hate to think its something im doing wrong, but i dont understand because i know im doing everything right. So my question is, why do you think they both died? Stress? Hunger? what? im thinking about going on creigs list and buying a full grown ball python but im not sure. i really need help and advice and answers.Getting a snake was a birthday present of mine and i'm determined to have one. Someone please help.

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    No idea why they died ... even tho you studied and say you did right that does not mean it was done right or that the studying you did was right for the snakes, could be also that you bought them from a big box store like PetSmart, etc ... not the best places to buy from beings they care more about money not the health of their reptiles especially once they are sold. Without more specific details as to how you were caring for them, how they were living , their habitats it's hard to say what was wrong, also could've been cuz they were babies which are harder to care for ... I can tell you snakes habitats should be wood with glass fronts for viewing - not say aquariums , BP's need 90 degree's or higher, they are desert / dry snakes, too much humidity causes them illness & death, they do not need UVA/UVB light or calcium + D3 except when eating baby foods like fuzzy's , as adults BP's don't need any calcium, warmth needs to be from above - a clamp on or hanging lamp rated for 100 watts attached to an inline dimmer switch for regulating the warmth, habitat size has to be no less then 24 x 24 inches and that's a few basics for you to have an idea of what is needed for a BP & if you had all that !! Take Care

    Source(s): 30+ years critter & reptile experience owned by a few Ball Pythons in my day !!
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    First off, don't handle any pet store bought animal for at least a month and keep them in a quiet room and start with a cage that looks kinda cramped (like its smaller than you'd think would be healthy but big enough they can fit comfortably) so they feel more secure and with buying from a pet store watch careful for signs of illness. I recommend washing everything in your tank, use paper towels for afew months before switching to aspen and make sure your heating is perfect and humidity and your offering water. Your tank might be too big so they feel stressed and don't eat and the handling often and early is an easy killer, especially for a baby bp. The minimum handling for a baby is after two weeks of being left alone and only attempting to hold for no more than 15mins every three days for about a month or more and never force the animal to come out if it trys to resist. I recommend getting one from a breeder, look into future local reptile expos or online like at bhbreptiles or look for local breeders.

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    Live food and a vet trip. Make sure you didn't bye a sick animal. And, talk to a vet. Someone that specializes in reptiles. It might be lacking a vitamin or nutrient.

    Start at the vet and get LIVE feeder mice.

    Snakes are natural predators. They need live food. Wear gloves and feed it in its tank, aquarium, whatever. Wash hands thoroughly after EACH feeding. Those fangs are sharp and huge and ow.

    Do't fret and stress out though. It's awesome you actually care. Just calm down and find a vet. They will be able to give you real tips and advice about caring for a snake.

    I learned this from owning two bearded dragons. Do NOT get a heat rock. They will always burn up to death.

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    well my experience with ball python was terrible. Didn't eat for several months. AND I bought it when it was 2.5 years old.

    I don't know how roger died. Snakes can go months without eating, and I don't think snakes dramatically flip over when they die. lol :P

    don't want to blame your mom/sister or anything haha.

    I have a boa, its my third snake type ive had and so far no problems. Very docile and easy to take care of.

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    My cousin's uncle killed his goldfish.

    One night my cousin left Goldy in his room and the next day, he died.

    His uncle's feet smell really bad and he farts a lot when sleeping.

    He had his door closed so the air concentrated around the room and killed little Goldy.

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