Why do people say NFC QBs are better than AFC?

Prepare for FACTS as I prepare for Giants fan. Here it goes I'm

Going to run through the NFC for you

1.Brees-He's good no argument here

2.Rodgers-Good no argument

3.Manning- to lucky runs and only two pro bowls with a terrible ratio of T/I

4.Vick-Really he had one ok year where his so called amazing team went 10-6 and lost first round that's Vicks best year?

5.Romo-I think we all know his problems are just like Eli's.

6.Cutler-He is ok but he's not clutch and I'd real good throwing it on the spot.

7.Stafford- he's good

8.Josh Freeman.Dont even start he sucks

9.Ryan- good until postseason


I'm going to get a bunch of tools on here who know nothing of sports and love that Eagle or giants bandwagon.. I mean they got maybe 3 elite QBs.. We got Brady big Ben has two rings manning Rivers.. AFC wins so easily. Well have fun trying to argue against these with no points

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    This is not the nfl section but any way

    Rodgers is good as is brees

    i agree with ryan and romo is awful eli is half decent.

    Stafford is good.


    Manning what will he be like after injury in a full game ?

    Brady good

    big ben good

    rivers had a bad season

    but afc have fitzpatrick who is bad as is the dolphins qb

    as is tebow/sanchez

    nfc have cam newton

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    3 years ago

    Ponder and Kaperneck arent even starters. Any NFC west QB? What approximately RoY Sam Bradford? Tony Romo isnt dangerous and nor is Jay Cutler. Newton is at the Panthers workforce and they're within the NFC. How approximately NFC John Beck Derek Anderson Alex Smith Vikes starter AFC Chad Henne Ryan Fitzpatrick Kyle Orton Jason Campbell as one of the most worst. Fitz isnt that dangerous however he isnt that well both.

  • 7 years ago

    I don't think you will get too many who are on an Eagles or Giants bandwagon here. You have posted this in the soccer section of YA.

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