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JM asked in SportsBasketball · 8 years ago

Agree or disagree: No PF including KG has had a better playoff run than 2011 Dirk besides 2003 Duncan?


BQ @ just Primetime:

Lol, me and you have argued about Dirk before, and had our differences but you mean to tell me there is only a 3 slot difference in where we rate him all-time? What the hell? lol


If you disagree, name the playoff run. Because to me no PF ever had a better run except for 03 Duncan.

Update 2:

Bird, SF.

Update 3:

He counts as a SF though. That's the spot he played most. Don't move players out of their position just to disagree.

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    There's not much i can say, Dirk in 11 was playing like a beast and Duncan in 03 was a man possessed.

    I am going to name other PF's who had good playoff runs:

    Elvin Hayes (77-78) 21.8ppg 13.3rpg(Won a ring)

    Bob Pettit (57-58) 24.2ppg 16.5rpg(Won a ring)Bob scored 50 points in game 6 against Russell's Celtics

    Willis Reed (69-70) 23.8ppg 13.8rpg(Won a ring)we all know what Reed did i don't need to talk about it

    Charles Barkley (92-93) 26.6ppg 13.6rpg(Lost in the NBA finals)

    Karl Malone (96-97) 26ppg 11.4rpg(Lost in the NBA finals)

    Source(s): MC JC
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  • ?
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    8 years ago

    disagree, Larry Bird 1984.

    he played both.

    Then Dirk and Tim Duncan are the only power forwards to win the finals MVP.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Ya I'll buy that. Dirk was very impressive and won without another established all-star player (I say that because some players played like all-stars) to help him. It was beautiful. BUT, Tim Duncan did everything that year. So yes. This goes to Timmy

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