2001 Dodge Stratus 2.7 V6 Has A Rod Knock and The Oil Kind Of Smell Like Gas. Is There Any Hope?? Help PLEASE!?

So honestly would it be worth gettin 2001 dodge stratus 2.7 V6 engine rebuilt? All I know is that there is a rod knock and the oil kind of has the smell of gas. What could be the issues? Would a full rebuilt be necessary? How long do they usually last after a rebuild? Please help. What could I do?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Read this: DaimlerChrysler 2.7 Engine Problems

    There have been countless reports from consumers who purchased brand new DaimlerChrysler vehicles with 2.7 liter V6 engines which failed unexpectedly. In these stories, the engine simply seized with low mileage and regular maintenance. When contacting the dealer or the Daimler Chrysler Corporation, the warranty was not accepted and the owner was left with the $4000-$8000 responsibility for a new engine.

    Experts believe the engine problems may be due to engine defects or oil sludge build-up that is common in 2.7L vehicles. The Center for Auto Safety has received five times more oil sludge complaints on Chrysler 2.7L vehicles than other vehicles such as Toyotas.

    These defects can be financially and emotionally taxing and also may be physically dangerous as drivers and passengers may be severely injured in car accidents when the engine seizes in traffic.

    Oil sludge and engine complaints involve the following Dodge and Chrysler vehicles from 1998 to present:

    Dodge Magnum

    Dodge Stratus

    Dodge Intrepid

    Chrysler 300M

    Chrysler Sebring!!! (your car)

    Chrysler LHS

    Chrysler New Yorker

    Chrysler Eagle Vision

    Chrysler Concorde

    The warranty on new vehicles covers the Powertrain for "seven years from the date the vehicle has been in service or 70,000 miles on the odometer, to the first owner." Unfortunately, these warranties are not effective as the company blames the consumer for the engine problems due to poor maintenance.

    Legal professionals believe that DaimlerChrysler may be violating consumer rights under Lemon Laws or other consumer-protection laws. Lemon Laws are designed to protect and compensate consumers when automobiles consistently do not meet certain standards of quality and performance.

    A lawsuit filed against Daimler Chrysler alleges that certain vehicles manufactured by the company were defectively designed, making the engines prone to accumulating engine sludge, which can cause engine failure.

    "By complaints of its customers, DCC (Daimler Chrysler Corporation) was on notice that the 2.7 litre engine was defective and would fail prematurely regardless of routine maintenance," the complaint (found at autosafety.org) states. "Nonetheless, DCC has routinely denied, and continues to deny, claims made under its extended powertrain warranty, and its extended warranties, and/or otherwise refuses to reimburse the costs of repairing or replacing these engines."

    The lawsuit alleges breach of express warranty, breach of implied warranty of merchantability and unfair and deceptive trade practices.

    That junk engine is not worth anything other than as a boat anchor even when it was in perfect running condition. It is among one of the worst engines of all time. It had major oiling issues and small oil passage returns, meaning if you don't religiously change the oil every 3k or sooner it WILL sludge up, and then the oil passages get blocked and the engine slowly dies from oil starvation, also they had poor oil and compression rings and they tended to smoke a lot anywhere after 60k if the engine makes it that far!


    You will be lucky to get 60 to 80k out of that engine before major problems occur again, unless you change the oil every 3k or sooner and use pure synthetic oil and use engine flush once in a while, if you are not willing to do that with this boat anchor no it WILL NOT LAST they are terrible engines always were and always will be they usually died from sludge issues causing lack of lubrication that leads to engine failure!

    It has nothing to do with valve issues or head problems!

    Source(s): Facts and I work on cars and machines for a living
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  • 8 years ago

    COORY MAN> The 2.7 had REALY bad history of failure, Many junk yards are LOADED with bad ones. You can contact NHTSA for advice and consult with LEMON LAW attorneeys if yo uhave to. ANY CHRYSLER dealership will have technicians that can GUIDE you as to WHY those engines were SO VERY BAD and what to do to prevent it from happening again. I BELEIVE the blocks were ok, but that the valve guides and camshafts and rockers were a BAD design. They updated LONG into the build time, There is PROBABLY a curee for it, somewhere, but do NOT replace untill you get more info. Find a library that carries the ALLDATA data base for all the latest info, and PLEASE contact NHTSA. They have clout over dealerships and warranty issues. I know I would repair what you already have, since a USED engine will have the same exact probelms inside. I am PRETTY sure (75%) that the problem is ONLY inside the cylinder head and valves, NOT in the block. But I also remember someone telling me that the RINGS and PISTONS were a bad comnbination. This is WHY people buy TOYOTA and VW and others. They have a MUCH better history of quality and reliability. Even older FORD engines were better. ROD KNOCK on most engines is due to POOR FUEL MIXTURE and MANAGEMENT. Unburnt GAS goes right into the oil past the rings and thins down the oil till there is NO protection inside engine. There MIGHT be hope fo rhtat engine SOMEWHERE> COnsult an ENGINE REBUILDING company for better adviceCHRYSLER really made a BIG nasty with this thingy. Their new PENTASTAR engine is a DYNAMO though! Too bad there is no retrofit. GOOD LUCK!!

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  • 8 years ago

    These are problematic engines with known headgasket issues. Not sure it will be worth it to fix it unless you plan to keep it long enough for it to pay for itself. The rod knock says bottom end so I would just cut my loss if I were you. Sounds like you (or previous owner didn't maintain car well. Rod knocks are usually the result of poor maintenance.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Not worth it. The 2.7 is the worst engine of all time. Buy a new car.

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